This Agreement is Made Between EVENT HEAD, Jade McKenzie, and you, the client.


Virtual Event Assistance

An hourly online service to assist The Client with event planning needs. 

Virtual Event Assistance covers event planning in multiple countries across the globe, including but not limited too, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and more. 



This agreement, will begin upon acceptance, and will continue for as long as the event management relationship continues. 

The services to be provided by Event Head to the client are Virtual Event Assistance and planning for the duration of The Client's project.

Upon completion of the project, The Client may request to extend services on a project by project or month to month basis. 

No matter what stage of planning we are at, The Client and Event Head agree to provide each other with fourteen-day notice in the event that either wishes to cancel further services while a current project is on the go.



Event Head promises The Client that all information provided to Event Head will be kept strictly confidential. All matters discussed between us whether in person, via phone, Skype or email, remain fully confidential, records will be kept and disposed of in accordance with appropriate privacy laws.

Event Head also asks The Client to keep all Event Head Intellectual Property, contacts, negotiations and suppliers strictly confidential. Our services, contacts, processes and internal knowledge are not to be shared with any external parties. 


Client Commitment

Once we begin our services, we at Event Head consider ourselves to be fully committed to you and your success.  I know you will be committed to you and your business success too.

This commitment includes you going through the entire event planning process from start to finish, including the communicative and financial commitments that accompany that.

No part of your event planning services are refundable once the work has been done. All outstanding time must be paid for, for client services done to date. 


Contact & Communication

Event Head schedules Virtual Event Assistant clients in advance of the working week wherever possible. This allows us to take care of The Client in the best way possible and reach all expectations and deadlines. Please note that Event Head always does its best to take care of last minue requests but the more notice the better.

Event Head provides the client with as much documentation as possible in the lead up to The Client's event to ensure that we are across all of your event planning needs.

As a business, we thrive on open communication and believe in a mutually beneficial relationship between Event Head and The Client, which includes Event Head attending to needs and requests in a timely manner and The Client providing vital information as soon as practicable.

Emails and requests will be responded too within a reasonable timeframe during business hours Monday to Friday. If there will be any delay, we will notify you as soon as possible or provide an alternative communication method.  


Intellectual Property

The Client has no right to use or reproduce any of the processes, techniques, presentations, methodologies or materials used by Event Head in our time together, outside your event projects managed by us.  You must not at any time reproduce materials given to you by Event Head.



I understand that I am working with Event Head and taking up the Virtual Event Assistance service at the agreed fee. These fees may be considered deductible business expenses, please see your accountant for further information.


2017 Fee Schedule

$75 per hour + GST for Australian Residents


Event Head Team Members

Jade McKenzie - Founder of Event Head, Event Manager

Kate Cooper - Event Manager & Client Care

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