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One of the best parts about OUR WORK is working with wonderful clients that WE cherish and adore.

Below are some kind words from some of the people WE have worked with.

event management and virtual event assistance



Working with Jade and Laura from Event Head is an absolute dream, so much fun and so easy. Nothing is ever an issue and they manage to do everything with ease and grace. I adore working with them and hope to work together for many years to come. They are my go to event team. 




The Blogcademy worked with Jade to host our first ever Mixer event in London and despite her being half way across the world she was amazing to work with! Communication was easy and she made our event run smoothly from afar. Even better, she was able to travel over to London to be with us in person on the day. We can't wait to work with her again and would totally recommend her to others!




Looks can be deceiving.  When I first met Jade face to face, I thought “Oh, this is and added bonus, I am now working with someone who looks like a supermodel”.  BUT SHE IS ALSO AN EVENT ORGANISING FIEND! I work in the same / same / different realm of trade shows and displays and when a major client of mine came for help with their events, I grabbed Jade to help me provide support, event bookings, insider-info only and hot prices.  I received all the information beautifully presented, detail packed in an easy to understand format that I could share with my clients.  

Jade is super responsive, does things when she says she is going to and for someone like me time strapped and can’t face another list of email queries, is self directed and can use her own initiate to follow outstanding info up.  I could bang on about her all day but here is the skinny: I don’t work with people who are muppets or time / energy                                                sucks. I need partners who are as passionate about their work as I am about mine and who look to make their clients                                          lives easier.  Jade is all that a bag of hot chips.  Get her to run your next event and reap the rewards!

                                         FIONA JEFFERIES, DIVA WORKS



My training academy and business is incredibly important to me.  I have put my entire heart and soul into creating amazing experiences for people who train with us, and therefore I can only afford to work with the very best people to make sure my vision is delivered.  And that's why I work with Jade of Event Head, and in fact, consider her to be an integral part of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy team.

Jade is professional, polished, and always in control of every detail at our events.  She is at once motivating and energising for my team and others to be around, but also as cool and calm as you would want a pro event manager to be at those inevitable times when things don't quite go to plan.

                                        If events are an important part of your work and business you truly could work with no one more accomplished and                                             skilled than Jade.




What a dynamo! Not only is Jade incredibly lovely to deal with, but this woman gets. it. done — quickly.

With full-to-the-brim schedules in the lead up to our two day live event, leaving the behind-the-scenes organisation of INFINITE in Jade's hands was, honestly, the best decision we could have possibly made. 

The event ran seamlessly. The videographer Jade recommended was a total pro, and a dream to work with. Most importantly, our participants LOVED the entire experience... as did we. 

Can't sing your praises enough Jade, thank you!

                                         RACHEL MACDONALD & TARA BLISS 



Jade and her team were FABULOUS. I actually contacted her a few days before my event in a bit of a panic - worried about how I was going to do it all myself, but Jade handled everything - including things I had forgotten about or were stupidly trying to do last minute. 

She made the event stress-free and seamless. I can't recommend her highly enough for your next event!




Jade is an event management super-star! I run a very busy multiple six-figure business and part of that is beautiful events around Australia for my premium mastermind. I turned to Jade when I realised that I just did not have the time (or expertise) to manage these events myself. Jade's work has been quite simply perfect and I can rest at ease knowing everything is taken care of. She even achieved significant savings on my events in the first week she was working with me. Jade is my go-to events girl and she should be on your team too! 





Jade's vision to map out and manage a standout event is brilliant. Her attention to detail and beautiful nature mean that  she will lovingly guide you to create an event better than you ever dreamed possible. If you get a chance to work with her, do it!




If I need to run an important event, I call Jade. Running events takes a lot of time, knowledge and effort, and I can rest easy knowing that Jade is there to bring my vision to life and help create an event to remember. From the venue, suppliers and planning to all of the little to-do’s that take up so much time, Jade can take care of it all, as well as assist on the day so I can focus on facilitating and connecting with my attendees.

Jade’s work is fantastic and I recommend her highly for your next event. 




Untitled design.png

My business, Fernwood Clayton was turning 10 and I knew I wanted to do something amazing to celebrate such a special occasion. Working with Jade was the best decision I made to ensure the day was a huge success. From start to finish Jade handled the day with the utmost professionalism and thought of every detail that I hadn't thought of to ensure we maximized the event for both our current clients, our new clients and our partners and suppliers for the day.

A day like this for us in club can usually be quite overwhelming, however this time by having Jade and her team set it up for us it meant my staff could focus on upgrading new potential clients and not worry about organisational and

                                        administrative tasks.

                                        All of our members, suppliers and partners and visitors to the club on the day have given amazing feedback after the                                          event to tell us how fantastic it was and how they cannot wait for us to host something like this again.

                                        Aside from being highly organised and giving exceptional care and attention to details with every aspect of the event                                          and marketing, Jade was a delight to work with. She has a beautiful nature that helps you feel at ease when creating                                            such a big event and vision and talent for you to know yo are leaving your business in the best hands.

                                        I cannot wait to work with Jade and her team again!

                                        CAITLYN JURY, FERNWOOD FITNESS CLAYTON

I recently had Jade manage an event for me, and due to its success will be running more. I can't thank Jade enough. Her experience in dealing with the venue as well as co-ordinating the caterer and florist meant I had nothing to worry about. Jade's warm personality meant she was an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the organisation process, and having the extra ladies help out on the day was invaluable. My event was in very capable hands, leaving me to mingle with my guests and thoroughly enjoy the day. Huge thanks lovely lady!




Jade, from Event Head has helped me organise our 1st year anniversary fundraising events at Shokuiku. This was our first major event and to be honest I could not do this without her. Her sincere passion, efficiency and organisation has put me to ease and took away so much stress before and during the events. Very fortunate to have had her service and recommend her to anyone who is planning to run any events




It was an absolute delight to work with Jade on creating amazing wellbeing events for mums. She was dedicated, diligent, passionate and calm under pressure. Jade emanates a beautiful energy which she brings to her work and her down to earth nature really resonated with my event style. It was a pleasure to learn from Jade as she has a wealth of knowledge and is an expert in creating memorable events. I look forward to working with Jade on future events.




Oh wow! I could not have pulled this workshop off without Jade's help! I came to Jade needing help finding a venue for my workshop. It was the first one I was running on my own so I wanted to the venue to be perfect. It needed to say style, elegance, show my audience that I think they are valuable and worthy of success, be spacious yet intimate. I knew it was something that I just didn't have the time to find and that there was someone better equipped than me to help me find this magical place. And find it Jade did!

Not only did she find me the perfect venue, she was able to negotiate a better price than I ever could. She organised all the finer details for me and was very patient even when I kept changing the dates that I wanted the venue!

Jade is easy and delightful to work with. Nothing was a problem and she always kept lines of communication with me open. To top it off Jade helped me organise my workshop while she was on the other side of the world!

I will be using her services again and can't recommend her highly enough. Event organising is Jade's natural born talent. So why cause yourself the stress of organising your next event when you have Jade who can wave her event-organising-magic-wand and do it all for you. That way you can focus on what it is that you do best too!




I had the utmost pleasure of working with Jade for the Babies in Business event. Jade has the most beautiful and calming presence, and when I started working with her I felt her immense sense of pride and professionalism come through. Every detail of the event, including my stay, travel arrangements, dinner, and make-up artist was taken care of. Jade truly went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed and in the event of the small obstacles that sometimes happen, she was quick to come up with solutions and find an alternative to ensure everyone's - from the speakers to the audience - needs were exceeded. I highly recommend Jade's services for your event, and I'm so truly grateful and honored that I was able to work with her.




I was a speaker at the event 'Babies & Business' which Jade had organised. Not only was I so impressed with the ease at which it all flowed, but I was also made to feel like a superstar. Everything down to the finest quality detail was organised for me, making it so easy and such a pleasurable experience. Jade is an authentic and beautiful person as well as a super professional event organiser. I can't wait to be part of her future events.




Jade from Event Head is an absolute gem. She was professional, organised and meticulous in her planning of my Business in Heels Bayside Launch. Jade and her team were able to keep my event fuss free and running like clockwork. Her ideas and knowledge on event planning is second to none. I highly recommend Event Head for any event you are putting together.




Jade is incredibly professional, creative, super organised, fun and oozes passion and heart. All of my favourite things, and perfect for anyone who wants a spectacular event!





Jade from Event Head was amazing at managing our Mum to Mumpreneur Goal Setting event from concept to fruition. She had every thing organised and even covered the finer details that one would not generally consider. She made the whole process of running an event enjoyable and stress free as she is clearly an expert at what she does. I would highly recommend working with Event Head and look forward to working with them again in future.




Jade came to my rescue when I needed a helping hand at the Better Homes & Gardens expo. She greeted visitors & shared my work in such an authentic, beautiful way I actually was able to slip away for a while to recuperate from such a busy event. I rested knowing everything would be taken care of with her professionalism and genuine care. I loved working with Jade and highly recommend her impeccable work. She's awesome.




Jade McKenzie is a pleasure to work with, and her events are always a joy to attend. No matter what the occasion, Jade's years of experience and knowledge shine through.  Always a bundle of unstoppable energy, she just gets in there with her great big smile and 'can-do' attitude and makes it all look easy. 

If you ever get a chance to work with this amazing chickie, then grab it with both hands!!!




Jade is such a great spirit to work with. I am fortunate to have met someone so passionate about what she does and her fun and down-to-earth personality is something that I always look forward to working with. She is professional, calm and organised which is exactly what you want for your events. I am always excited to create beautiful events with her. 



There aren't enough words to express how fabulous Jade has been in the lead up to my first event and how grateful I am for taking the leap and getting her expertise on board for this event!

Being the superstar that she is, she over-delivered on every single promise she made which resulted in a knock-out sponsorship proposal. Her years of event experience shine through everything she does, and her kindhearted and friendly nature makes her a delight to work with.

I'd have no hesitation in recommending Jade and her team to anyone who is new to the world of running events. Without a doubt, worth every single cent.



A huge THANK YOU to the very giving Jade for her time and support for OneGreatIdea's very first charity event. She donated her experience and talent to help us get on the right track and organise a lovely networking cocktail event of 200 guests to raise money for The Red Cross Phillipines. We definitely recommend Jade for your next event as no doubt it will be a stand out success with her help. Thank you once again! 



When planning and delivering events - from intimate, personal events, corporate soirees or fundraising galas with several hundred people -  Jade is the consummate professional. Her experience, passion and tenacity are evident from planning all the way through to post-event analysis and reporting. Having worked with Jade on a number of events I am constantly awed by her attention to detail and energy. If you are looking for someone who will not only meet your brief but make your event spectacular then Jade is for you.    



Having worked with Jade now several times on both large and small events, I can honestly say without her finite attention to detail and a terrific sense of application, our events would not have been the successes they were.  Event planning requires a combination of planning and focus on the way in, then enormous dedication to the task in the execution.  In summary, Jade possesses all of these skills in wrapped up in a rounded efficient approach and smiles all along the way.  Rare talent indeed!



When I first connected with Jade, I had a whole lot of ideas especially around creating an event, but I needed someone to help give me guidance. I was really caught up in my own head, about what it would look like and how I would make it happen. I also had an idea for an e-product swirling around in my mind, that had been there for a long time! I wanted to bring it to life and launch it into the world. 

I had seen the power coaching was having in my clients lives, and I knew the power it had for me personally, and I knew it was the right step for my business. I was motivated and ready, I just needed the support to get the ball rolling, learn lots of new skills, and gain confidence in my new business. 

I hoped that I would run an amazing event, that would allow me to connect with my soul-squad, give them the skills to live a life more in touch with who they are, and step closer to me. I couldn't wait to dive into my actions and get the ball rolling! I was inspired, motivated and best of all I had direction!

Jade is full of knowledge, and being able to spend time with her, pick her brain and learn from her was so, so valuable. I learnt to run an amazing sell-out event from scratch, I learnt how to launch an online product effectively, I learnt how to forward plan and look to the bigger picture. I also now have a strategy behind my products, that allows me to support my potential clients at whatever level they are at. 

I really feel that working with Jade has allowed me to set an incredibly solid foundation for my business, and I can't wait to see what's next! 3 months is never enough with Jade! I could have easily continued working with her, but I know it's time to step out on my own now! 

Working with Jade was incredible. She is such a kind, loving, knowledgeable person, and I'm so grateful I was able to spend the last three months with her. I learned so much, and I honestly feel so empowered now to step into my business confidently, and continue to achieve the success I did while working one on one with Jade. 



I was tentatively planning hosting live workshops for parents but I was very unsure as to how I was going to execute and actually deliver them. As a speaker and presenter, I was confident in my ability to deliver the content but the planning bamboozled me, so I kept delaying, delaying, delaying. When I knew it was time to deliver, not delay, I contacted Jade.
I knew NOTHING about organising and delivering live events and the logistical and organisational side was completely foreign to me. I didn't know where to start and I was swimming in a perpetual state of overwhelm. I expected Jade to help with the planning and delivery side of the event, but she delivered waaaaay more. She's really helped me to refine and craft the services I'm trying to offer, so I can share my message and information with more parents.

Jade helped me to think strategically about business, marketing and seeking sponsorship beyond just the one-off event she helped me to develop and implement.
An unexpected benefit of working with Jade was the amazing and positive encouragement she offered in bucket-loads. She genuinely instilled in me a sense of confidence and constantly reiterated what an important message I have to share. This was invaluable as it motivated me to keep going. Jade's level of support and the service she offered exceeded all of my expectations. The provision of templates and checklists for each stage of my event planning was a huge help and helped to demystify the process of running a live event. The email support was incredible and really helped me to make quick decisions and keep moving, as opposed to becoming bogged down and confused and subsequently stifling my progress (as I've previously done).
Jade really is the epitome of gorgeousness, business brains and prowess. It was a privilege to work with her and I'm excited to work with her again in the future to help me amplify my message.



When I first connected with Jade, I had just decided that I would like to put on an event. I was struggling with moving forward in my business, so I decided to take a different approach and do something new to give me momentum and build confidence. I have skills in facilitation so I decided on a workshop for women. I knew that I would not be able to 'go it alone,' and the support and guidance that coaching would provide would be well worth the expense. Turns out, I was right :)

I knew that Jade's coaching would be what I was looking for - someone who had the knowledge and experience to guide me, and that could keep me on track. I was excited, but still nervous that I wouldn't follow through and that I would let both myself and my coach down. I guess that I had just 'dived in' and I wasn't trying to think too much about the bigger picture. In our first session I was hoping that Jade would either 1) encourage me to go forward OR 2) Say that I was crazy and I should forget it. I'm not sure which one I had hoped for more, but the latter response was definitely out of fear of myself not following through and then being disappointed (it's much easier for someone else to tell you not to do it).

Coaching gave me support, knowledge, new ideas and accountability. When I was working on things I knew I wasn't just working on them for myself, I was working on them to show to Jade as well so that kept me moving forward  - even if my brain was screaming 'what the hell am I doing!?'. I felt it all flowed really nicely and that our sessions were productive and not too 'fluffy!' We really seemed to get everything done that we needed to, stayed on task and the outcome was fabulous!

Coaching with Jade was fun, supportive, enlightening and empowering. I am thankful for Jade’s support, guidance, knowledge and friendship. I felt that she was always there for me and available when I emailed. If I needed her to look over a document, or give me advice on my venue negotiations, it never felt like it was too much for her. It made me feel like I was in a very safe space.

I don't think I would have been able to pull this off without her! The level of confidence and experience it has given me going forward is priceless. Thank you!



After finishing my life coaching studies, I wanted to start my business but I did not know how. I didn't know how to promote myself, how to do my website, how to do a workshop and most of all - how to take the big step of beginning my own business confidently.

While looking for business coaches, I knew that I needed somebody who understood my needs as well as all things business. Jade made me feel very secure so when we started our first session and I knew I could be open and honest. I was so grateful for her not judging me, but listening and understanding me. Coaching with Jade gave me belief in my business and the confidence to step to step out and become an entrepreneur.



When I first connected with Jade I was trying to get the initial planning underway for the Celebrate conference and really needed guidance as to what steps I needed to take. Coaching with Jade provided me a huge amount of direction and concrete materials. It motivated me to get serious planning underway for this event such as booking speakers and venue, putting together marketing material and sponsorship packages. I wouldn't have been motivated to get it all done as quickly and wouldn't have been as confident to make the decisions I needed to without an expert in events like Jade to provide me with assistance.




When we first connected I was in the early stages of hosting my very first live event - a one-day workshop. I was unsure of where to start with approaching sponsors, creating media opportunities, bringing a team together and putting together a detailed run sheet. I expected that Jade would be supportive, knowledgeable and be able to guide me towards making the right decisions for my event's success and Jade's resources and experience with sponsors and the media were absolute gold. I now have the confidence and knowledge to hold more workshops that I know will be successful and attract the partners that I wish to support my events. 
Her generosity with her time and knowledge made the difference between an OK event and an amazing event! I loved her energy, her belief in me and her supportive calls and emails. She kept me on track, always left me with things to do that I would never have thought of and gave me exactly the right balance of guidance and strategy. I have learnt so much from her for which I am blessed and grateful.



When I contacted Jade I wasn't struggling with goals but I knew that I needed to become a "pro" at running events if I wanted to make my business a success. So I wanted to learn from someone who had been there and done that. I wanted to understand the process a professional would take to organise the event and model from them.
As a coach myself I fully understand the power of having someone who supports you, shares your vision and of course keeps you accountable. But the trigger came down to Jade being a professional and being so easy to talk to. Honestly it often felt like I was chatting to a really smart friend :)
Coaching with Jade has given me processes, systems and definitely more confidence - I even negotiated the price on the venue for my second event; which I would NEVER have done previously! Any queries I had were responded so quickly by email. Jade also did follow me up with items that needed to be done to keep me accountable.
I'm definitely not someone to over-hype things but I can honestly say working with Jade was the best decision I made when I decided to organise my first event. Yes I could have pulled it together myself - at my first coaching session I already had a venue and guest speaker organised, I had even sold a few tickets. But knowing that I had someone to to turn to for encouragement, support and guidance was invaluable. I really think it is the reason why I wasn't crazy stressed out or overwhelmed throughout the entire process. I just knew that if something did come up Jade would be able to help me. This gave me the breathing space to stay focused, enjoy the process and remain confident - which I believe showed on the night.



Before working with Jade, I had some great events in mind but didn’t really know where to start. It seemed simple enough, but I kept getting stuck on various details and overwhelmed trying to do it all myself. The second we started talking, I knew Jade was going to help me tackle that resistance and dive head on into action.

In our first few sessions, I suddenly had a clear idea of the steps I needed to take and a vision on what I wanted from my event. Jade understands the impact events can have on your brand and it shows her passion and professional approach to event management. I absolutely would not have had the ability to pull off an event without her expertise!

If you're stepping up and hosting any kind of event, but you don't have a budget to bring in the pros, working with Jade means you can still have access to her knowledge and templates, lists, skills. Don’t try and go it alone, give your guests the best event possible and get Jade to help you every step of the way!



When I first connected with Jade I was completely overwhelmed and frozen. I was at the very start of setting things up for my business and trying to do a lot of things at once. I felt like I had a hundred balls in the air and couldn't keep them there much longer. I really wanted to drop – no - throw the balls away!!

I needed someone to talk to and support me, as well as get really clear and hold me accountable. I also needed help navigating my way through the start of my business and Jade delivered! My expectations were exceeded and Jade’s coaching gave me a sense of calm and the feeling that I can do this. Jade is an angel and has helped me at one of the most pivotal moments of my career. THANK YOU!



If you are thinking of working with Jade, do it! She truly knows her stuff when it comes to event planning. In just one session she had me worked out {a relative newbie to events, not a sales sort and emotionally driven}, acknowledged my fears and had directed me to clear steps I felt comfortable to take in the final push for my event.

Before this point I wasn't sure if it would go ahead but after my session with Jade and acting on the steps suggested, I had a flurry of last minute bookings and my event sold out within 48 hours.

She also helped me understand how to approach some well aligned sponsors who jumped on board for my event, allowing me to focus on the content of my event where I'd prefer to direct my energy. Thanks Jade, I can't recommend you highly enough!



When I first connected with Jade I had just finished a life coaching course and was eager to run workshops as part of my business but had no idea how to do it, when to do it or what was involved. I was amazed that in one short session I had booked in a day to run my event and was already working toward making this occur. I couldn't believe this was occurring so fast and my dreams were falling into place. I was probably floating on cloud 9 after our first session, amazed at all the fun we just had and the exciting things to come like sponsors, spaces to scout, content to create and people coming to my event!

By going through my first event with Jade coaching me and holding my hand the entire way, it has shown me what needs to occur from start to finish to help get an event up and running. She has given me the practical tools like how to create running sheets, email sponsors and send your press release but she has also helped me overcome many of my own personal blocks. She has helped me move forward in my business in an incredibly large way and I am so grateful to her for this. 

She went above and beyond for me, always checking in with me and seeing how I was going. The whole experience was perfect.



I first looked into coaching when I had just finished the Beautiful You Coaching Academy course. I was wanting to get the basics covered to launch my coaching business as well as apply for certification. I was struggling with some overwhelm with everything I needed to do, and how I should go about it all.

I really connected with Jade during the BYCA course and could see that she was creating a beautiful soul and heart fuelled business that was seriously successful, and I loved her energy. She is such an inspiration! I hadn't actually worked with a coach before but having a dedicated business coach really is a must for those who are wanting to take their business to the next level.

I was so sad to go into our final session together. I wish I could have coaching with Jade forever, however, I feel I have the tools and the strategies in place to continue to grow my coaching and energy healing practice. Coaching has given me a lot of confidence and insight and the whole experience was loving, focused and strategic.

Jade is the most loving and caring coach but is also seriously business minded and honest. A perfect combination to take your business to the next level.



When I first found Jade something instantly lit up within me. I knew I needed to work with her. I had just enrolled in the BYCA course and wanted to transform my blog into a business and one of the ways I wanted to do that was through workshops and events. I just needed some help getting to that place.

Once I weighed up finances, timing and such, i just decided to go for it. I have been held back in the past by fear but I knew this was my time to start stepping out. I had never worked with a coach before so to be honest I didn't have many expectations. What I did expect though was to be mentored and guided through the process of building a business which I think Jade helped me to achieve perfectly.

I now have more drive, motivation and I would dare say even more discipline. Building a business us tough work but I achieved so much within only 3 months of working together, which has spurred me on to keep it up and I absolutely love what I'm doing. Thank you Jade so much for supporting me and guiding me through the last 3 months. I know I made the right choice in working with you as my coach. I can't believe how much we achieved together!



When I first connected with Jade I was stuck in procrastination because I was overwhelmed and didn't know how to move forward, so just did nothing instead. I knew that I wanted to recreate my core program on body image, but I had no idea where to even start or what it would look like. I wanted to be able to just move forward with everything. I had massive goals and I wanted to impact the world with positive body image, but I felt like my feet were stuck in concrete and it was paralyzing and frustrating.  

I decided to say yes to coaching with Jade because when I looked at her website I knew immediately that this was the person who was going to help memove forward. Then we had a discovery call and everything fell into place.  

Going into our first session I felt EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! And I felt like that in EVERY SESSION! Because I knew that this was the person that would kick
my butt and move me and my business forward. I always knew that Jade had my back and that she would steer me in the right direction!  

Coaching with Jade has given me CONFIDENCE! Self-belief and it has guided me to really lean into and re-define the market I want to serve. It has given me confidence to believe in myself and help ground me to the belief that my message is needed, and also to believe in my program and how to market it. Jade helped me believe that ANYTHING was possible, and then she showed me how to do it.  

Jade laid it out in black and white, eg. to launch you need to do this on this week, the next week, the week after etc. I never felt dumb or stupid asking questions, because Jade is real. No matter how small or dumb a question, Jade gave me the real answer without laughing "at me" (only with me!!), and without the b/s. I only wish I had booked Jade for four months instead of three!  

Coaching with Jade is 100% the best decision and investment I have made in my business to date. I needed somebody to "hold my hand" through those initial months to move me forward, to show me the path, and I couldn't have asked for a better coach to do that with.

Jade is completely supportive, understanding, real and honest. Thank you, it was truly inspirational, I completely loved working with you and can't wait to again in the not too distant future.



When I first connected with Jade I was struggling to get started and prioritise everything that I needed to do to start my business. As I was extremely time poor and tired with a newborn, I wanted clear direction and knowledge as to what I needed to get done and how to make the best impact (whilst being resourceful!). I was starting my business from scratch, still building a website, branding, social media was still in its infancy etc. So I wanted to learn how to attract clients and how to build a solid and organic mailing list with wonderful people who genuinely wanted to hear what I had to say!

I decided to say “yes!” to caching with Jade because when we made contact I instantly knew that it was the right time to get moving and I had the motivation and drive to get going. I had never worked with a business coach before, but I knew you were going to deliver on everything Ineeded, and had no doubt from the beginning that it was going to be a successful partnership. Going into our first session together I felt excited and driven and by the end I felt FABULOUS, supermotivated and confident.

Coaching with Jade has given me the confidence to run a successful business. I know now that I can easily run my own life coaching and wellness business and that it can be successful beyond my wildest dreams. It has given me more vision and determination. I would describe my coaching experience with Jade as inspirational, fun and successful as we achieved exactly what we set out to do… and more!

I want to say avery big thank-you for the amazing coaching and guidance you have given me. I feel completely confident in my abilities and building my wellness business over the next 12 months. I love your no-fluff attitude and straightdown-the-line advice which suites me to a tee. Looking forward to working with you again.



When I first connected with Jade I was looking for better time management and focus on the business. I was also planning my first event and wanted support to bring that to life. I decided to work with Jade because I was looking for was someone who understood my journey and could help me keep on track. I felt that I connected with Jade on a number of levels and she just got the journey I am on. I am a big believer in coaching and have worked with a few coaches before in a corporate context, so I was hoping for a bit more of a personal connection. 

Coaching has helped me to re-align myself with my purpose. It is easy for the day job and responsibilities to get in the way of starting up a business andfollowing your passion. It helped me to continually re-connent and re-focus. The insights into events management and starting up a business have been valuable. I feel I now have a good foundation to build upon.

I would describe my coaching experience as focused, personable and enjoyable. I have really enjoyed working with Jade. The insights shared for someone who is starting outwas invaluable. Jade has a warm and friendly approach and is very generous with her time and knowledge, which is just what I needed.



When I first connected with Jade I knew I wanted to branch out and start my own business but I was quite confused on how that would look. I'd returned to work after maternity leave and after having time out from work, for the first time in my career, my creativity had been in overdrive and I knew that my old job wasn't for me anymore. 

I read an article on Jade and her journey with Event Head. She was working in a similar industry to me and something about her passion and enthusiasm just jumped off the page and I knew I had to do a coaching series with her! 

Our coaching series started at a great time as I had just completed BYCA and was ready to launch my business, so I was hoping coaching would help consolidate all my ideas and help me do that. I was very excited and very ready to get started! I was nervous yet I think more excited than anything else. 

Coaching has given me the confidence, direction and guidance I needed to start my dream business. It provided me with support and someone who could listen and help me organise my thoughts and ideas in a tangible way. 

I loved that the sessions were flexible so we could discuss what was relevant to my business at that time. Yet I also felt we covered all the basics. I felt that Jade was extremely generous with her time. 

Coaching with Jade was inspirational, informative and fun! I thank Jade from the bottom of my heart for the guidance and support she gave me through our coaching series. It has been an incredible journey for me that has not only seen my business come to life but has seen me change in ways I couldn't have imagined. I haven’t met someone like Jade before. She is a beautiful balance of wise, calm and caring, with a fun quirky sense of humor thrown in and tonnes of passion and determination. She knows her stuff and from day one I always felt as if she had my back through our coaching and believed in me and my business. 



Before working with Jade, I was just getting into the swing of things after recently launching my business and felt as thought I was lacking in the self-confidence area. I knew I wanted to start hosting events, but I was terrified of public speaking. I also wanted to build my clientele and though I was fortunate to already be working with clients, I felt as though I wasn't doing a good enough job of getting my name out there.

I said yes to coaching with Jade because I absolutely adore her. I met her in New York at the last BYCA Inspiration Day and she was speaking on the panel. I fell in love with not only her brand and what she stands for, but her energy and how compassionate and genuine she was towards the people around her and how she ran her business. I knew I wanted to work with her, I was just waiting until I finished the Beautiful You Coaching Academy program and launched my website. So I pretty much said "YES!" the moment I met her!

I had worked with a coach and because I am a coach, I have pretty high expectations of the people I want to work with. I think there are a lot of business coaches out there but what drew me to Jade was her energy, passion for what she does, and that she created a welcoming and supportive environment where I felt safe and open to discuss my fears and vulnerabilities. Going into our first session together I felt excited! SO EXCITED! I had been waiting for close to a year to work with her and I that point I felt like I already knew her.

Coaching with Jade has given me more confidence! And when you are in your first year of business, that's so important. I put so much pressure on myself and she helped me to celebrate all of the work I had done, all of my major accomplishments, how to keep stepping outside of my comfort zone, and all the while reminding me that it's okay if not everything works to plan, that's what business is. It can be messy, but the strength comes from continuing to push yourself and showing up each and every day, and reminding yourself it's for a bigger purpose - and that's to help your clients.

I would describe my experience coaching with Jade as amazing, rewarding, and inspiring! Jade is just so INCREDIBLE!!! I loved the Beautiful Business Companion and that is certainly something I will be going back to time and time again. It opened up my eyes to a lot of things that seemed simple but you would just never remember to think about when starting your business.

I consider myself to be a fairly optimistic and positive person, but even on the days when I was having a hard day, I looked forward to most out of anything - speaking with Jade. She was the perfect combination of lovingly supportive while providing me with the sort of "tough love" approach that I needed, when I needed it.

After working with a few coaches, what meant so much to me was how real, genuine and authentic Jade was. So thank you, thank you, thank you for providing such an uplifting and encouraging environment - it helped not only with my business, but also with a challenging period of time in my personal life as well, and though it might have seemed like I just hired Jade as my business coach, she was such a positive light in my life in some challenging moments as well and I will be forever grateful for that. Jade is SO wonderful and I can't wait to connect with her again!!




When I first connected with Jade I was trying to figure out my business and where my strengths come into play. Being a multi-passionate person, I seemed to want to include all my knowledge into one business and hence the splintered focus. I wanted to have better focus and truly bring value to my future clients. I decided to work with Jade because I knew I needed a business mentor. Even though I could try and figure it out on my own, having some hand holding and guidance would make big leaps in my business for me. I wanted to tap into Jade's wealth of experience and also her insights.

Truthfully, I was nervous going into our first session together. I wasn't sure if I will say the 'right’ things, but Jade was fantastic. She put me at ease and I felt like I was talking to a friend. She created a safe space for me to share my hopes and aspirations, but also my fears. There was no judgement, but just love and support.

Coaching with Jade has given me CONFIDENCE!!! As she cheered me on through my journey, I felt my confidence grew. I was taking steps toward my dreams instead of just thinking about it. I was doing it and no longer an armchair entrepreneur. Being accountable to someone definitely got me committed to my goals and really start executing my actions. I would describe my coaching experience with Jade as supported, committed and motivating.


Tracey Gillis-Sinclair.png

When I first connected with Jade I was trying to create some momentum in my business and a direction of moving forward. I decided to say “YES!” to coaching because I was called to and simply couldn't say no, plus I had seen Jade in action at Beautiful You and loved her vibe and success in business. I had worked with coaches before, so my expectations were that it would be amazing and it was!

Coaching with Jade has given me direction in my business that I hadn't had before. It was my time to give it my best shot and discover if this was what I was meant to be pursuing. I would my describe my coaching experience as powerful, accountable and heartfelt.

Thank you Jade for the gift of your wisdom, heart and knowledge, combined they create a beautiful coaching experience. I am ever so grateful for discovering you to walk beside me to learn what I needed most for not only my business but myself!



Jade is an exceptional business strategist who immediately understood my business and me. She held a vision for me that I had not even dared to dream. I had worked with a coach before, but what I didn't expect was such a hands on personal approach together with a bundle of resources to support the sessions. Through being coached by Jade in my business, I also learnt how to be a better coach myself.

After coaching with Jade I have come away with some fabulous ideas about expansion in my business, some that I had never thought of. I found the confidence to increase my fees, to ask for the ultimate speaking gig and up my coaching game. Working with Jade empowered me to go out and ask for what I wanted. By the end of the series I had been given a prime speaking gig within my industry and started developing a high end mastermind, two services I hadn't even thought of incorporating into my business. 

With Jade's support and encouragement I met all the goals we set at the start of the series without overwhelm or stress. I would describe my coaching experience with Jade as inspiring, confidence building and empowering.


Rebecca Coldicutt.png

I feel so lucky to have worked with Jade. Starting my new little business, I was looking for someone to help guide me through all the things I didn't know I'd need to know, and get my scrambled head in order. Jade was excellent at helping me arrange my thoughts, focus on what was important and needed to come first, and I so appreciated having her as a sounding board after receiving smatterings of advice from all and sundry that didn't feel quite right. During our coaching series, my direction and the timing of launching was hugely impacted by various external factors, and this meant we had to change tack from early on. In spite of this, Jade's coaching met me right where I needed it to, and although we had to tone down the vision for the series, it meant I had quality coaching for where I was at during this time. Jade is an excellent cheerleader, with an intuitive understanding of when to put the pressure on, and when it needs to come off. I can't recommend working with her enough.



I wanted to run more of my seminars and events, but was overwhelmed with the time commitment involved and all of the logistics.

I had no idea how to best use my Virtual Assistant to help me plan live workshops, but knew I wanted her to help me with the planning and preparation. I was also a little bewildered about the best, and most authentic ways to promote my events (even though I’ve run a couple before).

The Event Timelines and Promoting Your Event modules whet my appetite. This was exactly what I was needing, as someone who’s relatively new to hosting my own events. As an experienced speaker, the delivery of the seminars didn’t concern me, but the organisation and promotion was something that I admit filled me with fear. Jade eradicated all these fears and the modules helped to empower me to realise how simple all this could be.

I expected to learn more about the logistics of planning and running events (which I certainly did). However, I learnt SOOOO much more than I’d envisaged, particularly about how events fit into my overall business model.

It sounds so obvious but I’d never critically thought about how I could use events as a marketing tool for some of my other offerings and how I can use past speaking engagements to promote future events.

The eCourse was so professionally presented and easy to digest in multiple formats. I was so eager to jump in each week and access the content. I now have a library full of templates and resources that I can easily adapt and re-purpose to run events in the future.

I have a clear idea about the tasks that I can have my assistant perform and I also have a much clearer understanding of my purpose for hosting events which again, is something I really hadn’t given a lot of thought to previously. And I have a very clear idea of effective ways to promote my events, without feeling like it’s an overwhelming or ‘sleazy’ task.



Before Workshop Wonderful, I was feeling scattered and all over the place and I was having difficulty deciding what type of events I was wishing to hold. I had too many ideas which were making me feel a bit loopy and overwhelmed.

I knew workshops and events were something I wished to develop and I knew by doing this course I would be learning from the best. I have been to events Jade has put on and they are always spectacular – beautiful, well thought out and lots of fun – just the type of thing I want to hold. I just knew the course would be filled with so much goodness.

The content absolutely blew me away, so much of the information is not just for events but can be applied to so many other aspects of your business. The information and worksheets enabled me to start thinking super clearly and specific about various aspects of my business and some super fun ideas about the type of events and workshops I wish to hold.

I now have a great timeline and checklist of what needs to be done to ensure a great event from the start to finish and even around continuing the relationship afterwards with my community. I have awesome questions I can use to gain clarity of my purpose of not only my events but my entire business, brand and where I am heading moving forward. I also now have insanely good ideas for promo via social media (something I have struggled with) and how events can boost my brand and vica versa.

The course was SO amazing and thorough – each week I was so delighted with the amazing content and how beneficial it was and how many great ideas it gave me. I will come back and do the course and revisit the content over and over again as I develop my business.

I would recommend that if you are even pondering adding events as part of your business or brand that you DO WORKSHOP WONDERFUL! Jade is so generous with her expertise and knowledge and as well as setting you on the path to be a workshop pro. It will be SO beneficial for you to gain clarity and direction towards your business and brand. It is absolutely one of the most comprehensive, practical and beneficial courses I have ever done.



Prior to this course, I didn’t have a clear vision for hosting my own workshops or events. While it is speaking that lights me up, I struggled to think of how I could put my skills and passion into an event that would serve my ideal clients and offer something unique and inspiring. But I knew that if anyone could help find a vision for my running events or workshops within me, it would be Jade! She has such a passion for what she does and the rare heart-fueled, soul sparkling passion that you just want to be part of!

Everything Jade does is so professionally executed and her products and services are always polished with precision. They always provide you with something that has the WOW factor. I knew anything Jade was offering would be full of uh-huh moments and love… I wasn’t wrong!

It seems so simple, (and I think that is part of Jade’s genius), but she prompted me to connect with the vision that was already there but I hadn’t yet found! I now have a really great plan for what I want to create with my workshop, how it will connect and be of service to my clients, how it will complement my plan for my business and importantly what I need to do to make it come to life! It feels fabulous!

The course for me was exciting, inspiring and productive and I am so grateful for this experience.



Before I completed Workshop Wonderful I had no idea where to start planning this event that had been floating around my mind.From sales page to sponsorship there was just so much that I never even thought about.

I’d seen Workshop Wonderful around before and was a big fan of Jade’s after having worked with her as a business coach, following completion of my own life coaching studies and setting up my business.

There was no one else I would have thought of to teach me how to run an amazing event. Workshop Wonderful has given me knowledge and resources and a true timeline of exactly how to plan and facilitate my very own workshop.

This was everything I needed in order to be able to create plan and facilitate an event. Now I just need to put all my learnings into practice and finalise my event. This is the best and most easy to follow along course if you were thinking about planning an event. If you don’t have a clue how to do this, where to start or how to make it a success, then this is the course for you.



Workshop Wonderful was the epitome of class and professionalism right from the start. Jade has done an incredible job at incorporating so many useful tools and resources in such a beautiful and enjoyable way. There are various mediums to learn from and the prompting questions asked throughout the modules allowed me to stretch myself, and the concept behind my event, to places I didn’t even realise were possible. I not only received knowledge on how to create successful events but also how to effectively incorporate them into my business, as well as how to expand and reuse the content throughout my other offerings.

This course is a must for anyone looking to gain clarity on the types of events to run, how to do produce all the elements while allowing your unique flair to shine, and how they can benefit and serve your business and your clients. It is infused with generosity of wisdom and heart and I have come away with such excitement towards what I am now capable of, not only with my events, but as a new Life and Soul Coach.



I can honestly say I am not surprised by the amazing presentation, content and deliverance of Jade’s eCourse Workshop Wonderful. Jade has shared such valuable information and has completely changed the way I will be delivering my workshops. The information shared is outstanding and the confidence I’ve gained in knowing what I’m going to deliver and how is confidence boosting.

My perspective on the value of a workshop and giving your clients the right impact has escalated to a whole new level. Don’t continue giving your clients boring workshops, make them memorable. I’m so grateful to have done this course. Thank you Jade.





Jade is a true business angel. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jade for the past two years and without a doubt she has played an instrumental part in the growth and success of my business.

Having not coming from a business background, I found the learning and support Jade provided in the 2015, BBM Mastermind absolutely brilliant. Jade created a heart-centred learning community which was one of the most inspiring, fun and supportive business groups that I’ve ever been part of.

Jade and the BBM come with my highest recommendation for those wanting to grow their business.




Working with Jade as part of the Beautiful Business Mastermind, The Beautiful You Coaching Academy and other workshops and events, Jade has proved time and time again that it is absolutely possible to build a thriving business based on being true to who you are.

Kind, generous, honest, and a powerhouse of positivity, Jade walks her talk and shows how super smart it is to bring soul and service to your business. If you are dedicated to upping your smarts, savvy and success and building a beautiful business smothered in sincerity and soul, I would highly recommend learning from Jade and making her your new business role model.



The BBM was a truly beautiful and enriching experience. 

Through the BBM I have gained clarity in putting together my signature program, been held accountable in achieving my goals every week, grown as a person, received invaluable advice and support and made friends and connections for life.

To top it off, I had the opportunity to speak on stage which was a dream come true and it was the most amazing day!



I have absolutely LOVED working with Jade this year and can say with certainty that Jade's business expertise, advice and know how has helped me in EVERY area of my business. 

From implementing systems  that help my biz back-end run smoothly, managing my calendar and workload, becoming more visible on social media, managing my biz finances, and developing my business model and income streams, Jade has helped me evaluate what I'm doing, where I'm at and then to up-level across the board.

Working with Jade has opened my eyes to new opportunities for myself and my business - and given me to confidence to back myself  and go for them. 

Jade is truly a business powerhouse. What Jade has achieved and how she rolls is SO special. I am seriously honoured and blessed to have had this opportunity to work with and learn from Jade this year. 

So...don't hesitate! 

If you have the  opportunity to work with Jade, grab it with both hands, soak up every single nugget of wisdom she shares with you and let her help you  create the business and lifestyle of your dreams.




 I could tell that the investment would give me an incredible return, BUT WOW! I underestimated the magic I was going to receive from our time together! 

Jade is gifted in bringing people together and creating an atmosphere of inclusion and encouragement. I knew I needed not only advice and resources to support my business, but also the accountability and encouragement to implement and keep going when days were tough. I got this in spades.

I got new insight and learnings from my time in the mastermind and the greatest gift I received was the connection to peers for support and insight to make connections I couldn't see otherwise. 

Jade is a bundle of energy and smiles but behind that smile is a world of experience in business strategy, tactics and a wisdom to help you bring your business dreams into reality and she'll always connect you with someone or something that will help. 

So if you're feeling the little nugget of attraction to Jade and her work like I did, please don't ignore it. I'm glad I followed that instinct and am now more inspired and motivated to work in my business. I was feeling a little lost and burnt out at the beginning of the year, but now I'm looking forward to the plans for next year to build on the much stronger foundation and growth I have built with the help of Jade and my BBM girlfriends.