"I was thrilled when Jade spoke at my Mastermind events in 2015 and 2016. Jade is inspiring, enthusiastic and her talks were super practical.

Being an event manager Jade is amazing to deal with as a speaker as she is super organised but don't let her behind the scenes persona fool you - Jade is an amazing speaker and so engaging!

When Jade spoke to my ladies she had them laughing whilst also touching their hearts and souls and inspired them to take on events in their business! I would not hesitate to recommend Jade as a speaker at your event!"

- Kathryn Hocking, e-Course Mentor and Launch Strategist, Kathrynhocking.com

"I LOVED the Insider workshop with Jade! I left the workshop feeling inspired, confident in what I was already doing and bursting with new insights and knowledge ready to put into practice for my own events. As a presenter, Jade is extremely warm, open, authentic and knowledgeable (not to mention funny!) - you can tell that Jade genuinely wants to support everyonein the room and make sure that they have a lot of valuable 'takeaways' at the end of the night. Even though there were a bunch of women in the room Jade has a way of making it feel like a personalised experience, knowing her attendees interests and professions well. Jade always goes the extra mile with her events from beautifully styled spaces to incredible gift bags to asking for specific attendee questions pre-event to answer on the night. I couldn't recommend this workshop enough, particularly for anyone thinking about using events in their business or wanting to enhance their events to get the best possible outcomes - Jade is your girl!" Jess Thomas, Anchor Bloom "Jade's insider event was out of this world! Her wisdom, experience and generosity in sharing her tools and tips with us was amazing. I walked away feeling completely crystal clear on when my next step was and felt confident planning the rest of my retreat.Jade knows exactly what to say to help you move through any blocks that are stopping you from moving forward with your event planning. She's like an event planning healer!'Steph Demetrious, Empower Holistic Health

"It was an honour to have Jade speak at My Career Ideas for Mums Expo in October 2015. Jade spoke with warm, genuine passion to an engaged audience on the topic of ‘The Power of Networking.’ Not only did I receive positive feedback about her presentation after the event, but I had total confidence through-out the entire planning process in the lead up to the day.Jade is so easy to work with; incredibly organised and professional, and goes above-and-beyond in everything she does. It’s very obvious that she loves what she does!"Danielle Ross Walls, Creator & Event Director of Career Ideas for Mums Expo 2015


"Jade has a natural way of engaging and connecting with an audience, in way that I feel is quite unique and special. Her personality shines through with all her words, which allows people to really engage and enjoy listening to her.I have seen Jade speak and present at her own workshops that she runs. I went to one of her workshop training weekends and really loved it. Her passion shines through with all that she teaches and shares, with ease and confidence. I have also heard Jade speak and present at other events in melbourne and I always enjoy the energy and vibe in the room when she's speaking.She's joyful, confident, engaging, has so much experience and knowledge to share, and she has always left me feeling uplifted and inspired. As well as with a happy heart. She just has a natural way of sharing fun, enthusiasm and positivity when she speaks and it's a lovely feeling to leave with an audience."Katie, Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Counselor & Life Coach

"I would recommend Event Mastery to anyone who hosts events or is looking to in the future. I really valued Jade's perspective and insight into the event world! She covered all bases and included all of the finer details that one might forget too! It was great for a newbie (like myself) but also included detail to improve and streamline the processes of a more experienced event host. Having only ever been an attendee before it was really eye opening to see all of the work the hosts had to go through prior to the actual event - it looks easy, its not, but worth it. The take home slides there was so much valuable information to take in so it will be amazing to review at home! I personally loved how Jade was professional but completely herself at the same time! Created such a warm and caring atmosphere" - Jaymee

"I REALLY enjoyed Saturday’s Event Mastery workshop and I now feel more confident in the planning component. I was also able to cost out some of my packages better (which has always been a struggle for me). So thank you soo much. I really felt you put your heart and soul and awesome quirkiness into what you do and have created and that was SO inspiring. It was so lovely to meet someone absolutely immersed in their passion and lighting up the world in their craft. Such a pleasure to have attended your course and thank you again." - Klara

"I would recommend Event Mastery to people wanting to start out or currently running workshops. I really enjoyed hearing about what everyone else was doing and the how Jade got where she is now." - Event Mastery Attendee

"The Event Mastery workshop gave me an opportunity to focus on my business clearly for a day and in a step-by-step fashion instead of bouncing around a billion topics at home in my office! The toolkit was really helpful and will serve as a great reference tool moving forward. Jade as a workshop facilitator was great - very energetic, approachable and passionate about what she was teaching. I would recommend this workshop for people that are wanting to brave the event landscape for smaller scale events." - Tanya

"Event Mastery takes a holistic approach to what can be an overwhelming concept and breaks it down into manageable portions. It made larger events seem less daunting as there is a well-curated means of working through organising and executing them. Jade provides so much reassurance and it is clear she knows her zone of genius extremely well. This is a great day to amplify your current offerings and to motivate you to keep going." - Event Mastery Attendee



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Host of Reawakened Women

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Chillpreneur by Denise Duffield-Thomas



Presentation at Beautiful You Coaching Academy New York Inspiration Day

MC at Beautiful You Coaching Academy Paris Inspiration Day

Host and speaker at Go To Girl London

Presentation at Optus Head Office 

Presentation at Career Ideas for Mums Expo

Presentation at Monash City Council Women's Business Network Annual Lunch

Presentation at SoarCon17

Host of annual Inspired Women Showcases 

Host and speaker at Babies and Business Melbourne

Speaker at Kathryn Hocking Mastermind in 2015 and 2016

Host and speaker at Insider Workshop

Host and speaker at Event Mastery

Co-host at La Parisienne Boat Cruise

Speaker at the Beautiful Business Priestess Workshop for the Goddess Road Trip 

Speaker at Soulpreneurs Live Conference 

Speaker on the panel at A Real Conversation 

Speaker on the panel at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy Auckland Inspiration Day

Speaker on the panel at Women In Business: The New Way

MC at Beautiful You Coaching Academy Vancouver Inspiration Day 

Speaker on the panel of Mother’s Day Luncheon

Host and speaker at Reawakened Live

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