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Lovely one, what does home mean to you?

What if home was more than a physical place?

What if home was about discovering who you really are, and breaking off the pieces of who you think you need to be.

What if home was being one with all the different layers that make you up as a person – no matter how complex or contradictory.  

What if home was knowing in your heart that you are in the right place, at the right time and that no matter what is ahead of you, everything will be ok.

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 This is for….

Those who always feel like they don’t fit in

Those who are following a feeling – no matter how crazy it seems

Those who know that there is still so much to come and are excited to explore it


Read through the personal lessons I’ve learnt along the way, take part in the curated exercises specifically designed to help you come back to the core of you and take the next steps forward into what Home looks like for you.


Part memoir, part personal development and all heart, let Home guide you back to you.

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// 80 page eBook of stories, life lessons and reflections from an entrepreneurial journey
// 12 exercises to help you navigate your way back home
// Instant PDF download to read anywhere, anytime

// BONUS: Home Companion worth $9.95

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‘Home’ is a beautiful balance of personal enquiry, practical tips, and a rare insight into Jade’s own journey that led her to becoming a six figure entrepreneur. It is the ‘golden threads’ of her story that will lead you to find your own way home by understanding her philosophy and then taking time to dive into your own. Home is a must-read for any lost soul searching for something more in life, career or business.
— Katherine Mackenzie-Smith
For such a quick and simple book of exercises, Home really did what it said. It brought me back to myself in truly surprising ways. The Golden Thread exercise connected all of the important events in my past, helping me to find and recognize my own guiding lights, and powerful ways that I can nurture those things going forward. I had huge aha moments, and most of all I realized that I need to be trusting myself more, putting myself out there more, and advocating for myself. Home brought me back to trusting my personal core in an invaluable, repeatable, and sustainable way. I genuinely feel more settled in myself and powerful after working through the book. Thank you SO MUCH, Jade!
— Taylor Laurenne
I was truly blown away by Home and got lost in how Jade has been able to look back and connect the dots to where she is today. The honest and real insight into Jade’s life through her storytelling, combined with her powerful exercises will guide you to come back home to yourself and to who you really are. You’re going to love it!
— Chloe Wigan
I couldn’t put this little gem down and I read it in one sitting. It is such a good mix of personal (Jade’s inspiring story) and practical and really made me stop and take stock of where I’m currently at and where I’m headed. Most importantly it reminded me that everything I need is within me and everything I’ve experienced to date has brought me to where I am today. I know I’ll be coming back to this book in future whenever I’m feeling a little lost to lead me back ‘home’.
— Katie Maynes
‘Home’ came to me when I needed it most. It reminded me of who I am and all the qualities and strengths I possess which make me unique. It reminded me why I started my business and why following those intuitive feelings are leading me to the life I want to live. It really is a beautiful book Jade and I am so happy you created it as I believe it will help a lot of women!
— Samantha McDermott

home: an exercise in coming back to you

// 80 page eBook of stories, life lessons and reflections from an entrepreneurial journey
// 12 exercises to help you navigate your way back home

BONUS: Home Companion ‘Coming Back to You’ worth $9.95 featuring all the exercises from the book for you to print, complete and scribble all over

Instant PDF download - Access the ebooks immediately with secure credit card and PayPal processing.


rrp $24.95. ONLY $14.95 for a limited time!

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Jade McKenzie, owner of Event Head, is 5 x internationally award winning event professional and business coach with over 15 years’ experience in event management and business development in the corporate, not for profit and entrepreneurial sectors.

Jade specialises in working with thriving entrepreneurs and businesses ranging from start-ups to multi-millionaires who want to create successful and sustainable events. Having created, managed and executed a wide range of small and large scale events, she has worked within Australia’s most well-known venues, worked alongside celebrities and engaged high level corporate partnerships, whilst assisting to raise over a million dollars in charitable donations.

Jade's work has been enjoyed by thousands of people globally, with her events featuring in national and international media including TV, radio, print and digital platforms. She has taken to the stage delivering presentations and MC’ing in New York, London, Paris and across Australia and regularly presents online via masterclasses, webinars, podcasts, YouTube channels and video interviews.

Her passions include mentoring women in business, developing leadership in the workplace and empowering entrepreneurs to create impactful and sustainable businesses.