From Wantrapreneur to Go-To Girl... 

How you can become the next big thing with just one idea!


Do you have a passion that you want to share with the world but are stuck on how to make it into a successful and sustainable business?

Do you want to become the next Go-To Girl and darling in your industry?

Do you want to know the simple but effective business building blocks every entrepreneur needs in their toolkit?


Join internationally award winning entrepreneur, event professional, business coach and strategist, Jade McKenzie, for an afternoon of inspiration, practical tips and learnings that you can implement into your business to turn your dreams into success. 


As a self-confessed wantrapreneur with $0 to start a business, a newborn with reflux, a husband with a back injury, no job and a laptop on the verge of a meltdown, Jade decided it would be the PERFECT time to dive head first into entrepreneurialism.


Luckily for her, things worked out pretty well and she now leads a team of 4 as she lives out her passions, pinches herself regularly and constantly wonders how the universe has been so kind. 


But deep down, she know that there were a few key things that really helped her and her business Event Head get to where it is today – and she wants to share them with you!

In this presentation, you’ll learn:

+ How Jade went from $0 and ONE idea to a thriving international, award winning business

+ How doing ONE action in particular will transform your whole business

+ How to uncover your personal brand and OWN it!

+ How to build a business that can grow and scale WITHOUT the burnout

+ How to DIY your own PR and digital media outreach for an impressive international reputation


This event is for budding female entrepreneurs and business owners who believe:

+ That authenticity breeds abundance 

+ There is no such thing as competition

+ Selling can be soulful and fun 

+ Women like us are changing the world

+ You deserve to unashamedly earn an amazing income from doing what you love

+ That you will be wildly successful through integrity, grace, kindness and service

+ You are more powerful and incredible than you could ever imagine

+ And most importantly...


So what do you say?

Want to come have some fun?!


Jade is an event professional, business coach and strategist, trainer, speaker and entrepreneur. 

Clients include the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, the Blogcademy, Gala Darling, Denise Duffield-Thomas, Kathryn Hocking, Jane Copeland, Foundr Magazine, Victoria Gibson and more.

Over the last decade, her work has been enjoyed by thousands of people across Australia and internationally, and has been featured on mainstream newspapers, TV, radio and online. 

Jade’s services include event planning and management, virtual event assistance, event coaching, business coaching and mentoring.

Awards include Event Management Company of The Year (2016), Event Management Game Changer of the Year (2016), Silver Stevie Winner for Women in Business (2016).