As a proud graduate of the very first Beautiful You Coaching Academy course and one of their course Trainers of 4 years, I am so proud to be able to offer you FREE business coaching AND bonuses if you sign up through my affiliate link.


I have very real ‘pinch myself’ moments when I look back and see where I have come from, after stepping forward and taking up a place in this course.

Back then, I had relaunched Event Head in its current form as an event management business and I was helping female entrepreneurs and business owners put on beautiful events.

It soon became very apparent though that these women didn't just want to have someone come in and do their events for them, they wanted to be really involved and learn how to do it themselves.

This in itself was exciting and fun as I love to train people, but I wanted my clients to have an experience that was more collaborative and supportive than straight consulting.

I soon found that the deeper we got into the planning and promotion side of things, that the same old blocks started appearing for these women. And they were quite persistent! Fear, overwhelm, uncertainty, negative self talk.... Oh hello old friends, I see you! And I knew exactly how to deal with you too!

The more I worked with these women, the more I realised I was doing more than event management and consulting. And when the Beautiful You Coaching Academy was announced, it hit me like a lightning bolt.

I was coaching! I’d never even thought of incorporating coaching into my business before but all of the sudden, everything made sense.

I had always been coaching in some form or the other throughout my professional career and even in my personal life, but I never knew I was doing it!  

I decided to do the course to help me learn the skills I needed to become the best coach I could be.

I knew that having those life coaching skills, together with my professional background and current events business, would allow me to work with my clients in a way that nobody else in the industry is doing and allow me to serve in a way that feels so incredibly right to me. 

Needless to say, that was a turning point in my business and since doing that course, Event Head has gone from strength to strength.


Graduation Day 2014

I’m the one in the stripes on the right. AWKWARD much!

But it really was a huge turning point personally and professionally. I did it! I was a coach!

It has allowed me to have a passionate and layered business that is successfully niched and very unique.

For me personally, what I loved about the course was two things. The first was the content. The second was the people.

With a background in business development, business building, marketing and PR, I am very comfortable with the business side of things. I know what I need to do, how I need to do it and if there is something I haven’t tried then I jump in feet first without any hesitation. When it came to coaching though, man did I feel out of my depth.

Here I was surrounded by INCREDIBLE coaches and I was a complete beginner. But the content in the course is just so comprehensive that soon I got into the swing of things.

I realized I had many existing skills and experiences that lent themselves to coaching and by going through the modules one by one, I really learnt how to implement the life coaching skills in a way that felt right for me.

The manuals are huge. I’m not going to lie, seeing them made me break out in a nervous sweat! But the way the course is run ensures that everything is done in manageable sections.

If you are committed to taking the time each week to go through the current module and worksheets, you get into a nice routine of study and implementation. And the fact that it is just so hands on is amazing.

This ‘aint no set and forget course.

Honestly, BYCA go all out with the ability to attend fortnightly live calls so you ask all of your burning questions, practice live coaching and work through particular problems you are facing. You answer your worksheets online through the membership site and get personalized feedback from Julie and the trainers, you have access to a private Facebook group so you can connect with and support your fellow trainees AND attend two Inspiration Day events with the most sought after speakers that you don’t have to pay an extra cent for.


NYC Inspiration Day

The very first Inspiration Day in New York, where I was so excited to be a speaker with these lovely ladies.

I was SO nervous but it was one of the best things I have ever been a part of.

I am still lucky enough to be connected to so many of the amazing women who were present that day.

Another thing to note about the content is that it’s not just about life coaching. It’s also about building a thriving life coaching business. This is super important to note because this is one of the reasons I proudly associate my name and my brand with this particular course.

The content is so rich and lends itself to all parts of your business – from coaching to working with clients to business building to promotion and beyond, it doesn’t just train you how to be a coach – it also trains you in how to be great in business.

And this is where I was definitely in my element. The modules in the course about clients, events, business building, online presence, partnerships and relationships and lists and launching are music to my ears!

This is made for those who want holistic training in building their very own successful coaching business.

I have known Julie for many years and have worked with her in various ways and this lady is the real deal. Everything she teaches she embodies so gracefully and so naturally.

These manuals were written from her exact experiences in building a coaching business that was bursting at the seams with clients who just could not get enough of her – even when the waiting list was six months long!

There is a reason why Julie is held is such high regard and is so highly respected by people around the world and as someone who has had a front seat view watching her business grow and grow over the years, I can tell you, she deserves every accolade she gets.

Then add to that the behind the scenes support team and the other trainers and my heart just bursts with love and adoration. You want integrity, authenticity and genuinely amazing people? Look no further.

And then there are the trainees and certified coaches. I don’t even know where to begin with them! What an incredible group of incredibly supportive, warm and generous people.

Catching up with them, being in the same room as them, connecting with them online, seeing what they are getting up too and how their businesses are growing just gives me such happiness. Honestly, you won’t find better people around.    


Inspired COACH Launch

I have SO many incredible memories over the years, rich with moments of joy and happiness.

This is just one of them, the 2016 BYCA Christmas Party and Inspired COACH magazine launch.

We were so excited to be on the cover!


For me, there were no negatives to undertaking this course. How can there be?

Everything is completed over delivered with you in mind. It is an empowering, educational and emotional experience that is first class, all the way.

Even if I decided not to implement coaching into my business, this course stretched me in many ways personally that the personal development I got from it was more than enough.

It also gave me a community of women who I absolutely cherish and adore and have remained some of my best friends.

If you are considering enrolling in the course, there is one piece of advice I will give you. And that is to commit.

To get the most out of this experience, you must take action and make the effort to utilize all areas of the course. 

That’s the key!

You have to make a commitment to dive in deep over those six months and be dedicated to the outcomes. Use the time to get the most out of Julie, the trainers, the membership site, the support network and the content.

We give you EVERYTHING we have.

I don’t think you will find a better coaching course around that is so comprehensive and giving, so use it!   

I am a very proud trainer at BYCA and only BYCA for all of the reasons I have listed above.

I absolutely love working with the trainees and giving them all of my hard won experience and knowledge that comes directly from having a successful coaching and service based business. Sharing my experience, knowledge, personal insights and resources is such a privilege and a complete joy.

And if you are reading this because you are keen to sign up, you can access OVER $2,800 worth of bonuses with me FOR FREE when you sign up through me.

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As a proud certified Beautiful You Coaching Academy Coach and Trainer, I am so excited to be able to provide you with these FREE bonuses to help you create a successful and sustainable coaching business of your very own!



Did you know that as a certified BYCA graduate and proud affiliate, you can access FREE coaching with me when you sign up through me? I am proud to be able to offer the following bonuses to you:



I know that this beautifully holistic and comprehensive course will help you grow and sharpen your skills as a life coach AND help you ease your way into offering coaching as a paid service to clients, so as a business coach with a business development background, I am offering you one months coaching support anytime during the last half of your course (trust me – this is a great time to dive in!).

This is to help give you additional one on one guidance to help you get finite and fierce on your niche, look at how to integrate life coaching into your existing business or build up the foundation of your very own life coaching business and give you a key set of tools and templates to help put you in good stead for the future.

I am here to be your support, your guide and your business bestie, cheering you on and supporting you all the way!


2 x 60 minute Skype sessions laser focused on building your coaching services

4 weeks of unlimited support through a personal project management system

1 x 30 minute follow up session at 6 weeks to make sure you are on track

VALUE $1,342



As a coach, there’s nothing that I love more than the one on one time I have with my clients but I could talk FOREVER about

Over the last year, I have created and developed two key eCourses to ensure that business owners, like you, have everything you need to build a beautiful business with solid foundations AND the ability to open up multiple income streams to ensure consistent cash flow, a steady flow of clients and continual growth.

Over a decade’s worth of wisdom, knowledge and expertise is in these courses and I have purposefully made these courses as simple and as straight forward as possible so you can get straight into action and not stuck in overwhelm!

You will receive access to The Beautiful Business Companion and Workshop Wonderful for you to use at any time you like. You get lifetime access which means as long as the courses are live – you have access and all materials are downloadable for you to use wherever and whenever you like!

VALUE $1,497


Read through the personal lessons I’ve learnt along the way, take part in the curated exercises specifically designed to help you come back to the core of you and take the next steps forward into what Home looks like for you.

Part memoir, part personal development and all heart, let Home guide you back to you.

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