Let my event and business coaching take you to the next level

 Are you ready to take action now on creating thriving events that inspire, engage and encourage positive change?

You know you have what it takes to change people’s lives and you’re ready to get out there and meet your ideal clients face to face. Your entrepreneurial spirit tells you that now is the right time to create a workshop, presentation, meet and greet or even a whole roadshow, but you feel a little lost. You want it to be a seamless fit with your existing business offerings but don’t really know what needs to be done, in what order or even how to go about it.


Do you want to learn how to run your own events like a professional and lead your team with grace and ease?

You know that this isn’t a one off. Your events are going to be so amazing that people will be begging you for more and you need to be on your best game from the start. You know that creating the perfect event takes strategic time and effort and you want them to run to the highest standard together with the ability to lead a team of helpers.


Do you need the tools and skills to make planning any kind of event easy, heck even enjoyable?!

You know that if you had all the steps laid out in front of you that you can handle anything but you want the tools and templates to manage the nitty gritty. You have no idea what is important or what you should be using and that needs to change. You want this unfamiliar territory to quickly become your new best friend because you are jumping head first into this new chapter with wide eyed optimism.    


Whether you are:

A Business Owner – An Entrepreneur – A Motivational Speaker - A Coach - A Writer - A Graphic Designer  - A Yoga Teacher  - A Bookkeeper - A Charity – A Natural Therapist – A Blogger

Or anyone who wants to run:

Workshops - Networking Events - Gala Dinners – Fundraisers – Presentations - Road Shows – Seminars  - Launches – Celebrations – Conferences – Social Outings


My coaching sessions will ensure you have the confidence and clarity to dive into action for immediate results.


When we first connected I was in the early stages of hosting my very first live event - a one-day workshop. I was unsure of where to start with approaching sponsors, creating media opportunities, bringing a team together and putting together a detailed run sheet. I expected that Jade would be supportive, knowledgeable and be able to guide me towards making the right decisions for my event's success and Jade's resources and experience with sponsors and the media were absolute gold. I now have the confidence and knowledge to hold more workshops that I know will be successful and attract the partners that I wish to support my events. 
Her generosity with her time and knowledge made the difference between an OK event and an amazing event! I loved her energy, her belief in me and her supportive calls and emails. She kept me on track, always left me with things to do that I would never have thought of and gave me exactly the right balance of guidance and strategy. I have learnt so much from her for which I am blessed and grateful.


~ You want to run an intimate workshop that is as beautiful as it is enlightening. Your ideal clients will fill the room and you want to feel confident and empowered to lead them on a journey that informs, inspires and engages.


~ You have spent months pouring your heart and soul into a book that you know is going to make waves. You want to launch your labour of love in a way that has people raving about you and your book for a long time after.


~ You know remarkable people from different walks of life and as a born connector, you want to bring them together to share experiences while positioning yourself as the Go-To Girl. You want a networking event that has everyone full of heart bursting love and a phone full of contacts.


~ You want to create an uplifting and thought provoking panel presentation that gives women the courage and know how to make a living from doing what they love. You want a barrier breaking, soul shifting, life transforming experience.


~ You want to dive deep into the heart of your business and ensure you run events that are on purpose and in a way that truly complements your existing service and product offerings. 


Whatever your vision, we work towards you running your event like a professional and revolutionising the way you connect with your audience. With me by your side, you will never have to compromise on your authenticity or the values you hold so dear.







It is my absolute mission in life to help you step into that spotlight and shine a light on your message. Why? Because we need you. We need you to teach us, support us, expand us, heal us and believe in us. Without events allowing you the opportunity to do this, we are missing the vital life line that connects us to life changing possibilities.

Over the last ten years, I have had events full of successes, triumphs and heart-swelling greatness. But this has all come hand in hand with disappointment, regrets and tears of frustration. By hitting the ground running and diving head first into every opportunity, no matter how new and scary it was, I was forced to learn things quickly.

I’ve worked with big budgets and I’ve worked with no budget. I’ve worked with long lead times and I’ve worked with only days notice. I’ve worked with high end CEO’s and I’ve worked with community volunteers. I’ve worked on events for a handful of people and those for hundreds of people. I’ve worked on events that went for a few short hours and those that went on for days.

All of this has given me the ability to plan with foresight, think on my feet, overcome obstacles, deal with stress and go with the flow. I’ve done the hard yards so that you don’t have too. But there’s more to events than just planning and running on time. There is no doubt about it, events are a sure fire way to raise all those familiar feelings of fear, doubt, overwhelm and stress.

I know what it is like to be full of enthusiasm when talking about all of your grand plans but then panic when the to-do’s start piling up. And I absolutely know what it feels like to be feel paralysed by overwhelm and fear of failure. That is why our sessions are not just a ‘How To’ instructional with a handover of templates and me sending you on your way. No darling, we’re going to go way deeper than that.

This is real life and I know that real life can get real messy, real fast. I’m going to take your hand and guide you through the heart stuff, break through the scary stuff and get you to the good stuff. We won’t be leaving anything to chance.

That is my promise to you.


Before working with Jade, I had some great events in mind but didn’t really know where to start. It seemed simple enough, but I kept getting stuck on various details and overwhelmed trying to do it all myself. The second we started talking, I knew Jade was going to help me tackle that resistance and dive head on into action.
In our first few sessions, I suddenly had a clear idea of the steps I needed to take and a vision on what I wanted from my event. Jade understands the impact events can have on your brand and it shows her passion and professional approach to event management. I absolutely would not have had the ability to pull off an event without her expertise!
If you're stepping up and hosting any kind of event, but you don't have a budget to bring in the pros, working with Jade means you can still have access to her knowledge and templates, lists, skills. Don’t try and go it alone, give your guests the best event possible and get Jade to help you every step of the way!


Get into the heart of your event

We will explore your intentions, purpose and ideal outcomes using a powerful questionnaire that will shape the use of our time together.

Expect to define: your purpose, your aims, your structure, your expectations and your goals.


Get into the heart of you

We will talk through what is happening on a heart level so you can stay connected to your intentions for the event and keep on track to accomplishing everything you set out to achieve.

Expect to be gently guided through: your emotions, your reactions, your anticipation and your fears.


Get into serious planning mode

We will dive straight into what you want this event to be, brainstorming till your heart is bursting with excitement. Using your coaching materials, you will be able to complete all the necessary tasks with my guidance and wholehearted support.

Expect to work on: your structure, your timeline, your inclusions, your ticketing, your budget, your team and your tasks.


Get into the details of your day

We will go over everything you can think of and all the things that you don’t. We will walk through all the details and ensure that every aspect of your event is planned.  

Expect to prepare: your run sheet, your set up plan, your responsibilities and your wrap-up.


If you are thinking of working with Jade, do it! She truly knows her stuff when it comes to event planning. In just one session she had me worked out {a relative newbie to events, not a sales sort and emotionally driven}, acknowledged my fears and had directed me to clear steps I felt comfortable to take in the final push for my event.

Before this point I wasn't sure if it would go ahead but after my session with Jade and acting on the steps suggested, I had a flurry of last minute bookings and my event sold out within 48 hours.

She also helped me understand how to approach some well aligned sponsors who jumped on board for my event, allowing me to focus on the content of my event where I'd prefer to direct my energy. Thanks Jade, I can't recommend you highly enough!


EVENT SUCCESS VIP COACHING PACKAGES  - limited spaces left for 2016


outsourcing entrepreneur package


This strong and steady coaching series will ensure you have everything you need to hold events that are polished to perfection. A perfect mix of guidance and done-for-you, we will delve deep into your business and work on your complete strategy that will serve you for a lifetime. 

Suited to: Those who have had some experience in hosting their own workshops before but want to take it to another level and gain a stunning reputation in this area of business//  Those who want to know what they can outsource to their Virtual Assistant or team members  //  Those who want to take their business to the next level and create a comprehensive plan that takes into account at all of your event and service offerings.



This package includes:

// Free 20 minute initial consultation to determine if we are a great fit for each other

// 1 x Deep diving questionnaire to get an overview of your current events

// 3 x Monthly 60 minute strategic coaching sessions

// 1 x Done-For-You Event Manual including:

    - Event timelines and checklists

    - Venue recommendations and inspection checklist

    - Supplier recommendations

    - Budget template and recommendations

    - Income strategy recommendations

    - Set up recommendations

    - Run sheet template and recommendations

    - Marketing and social media copy swipe files

    - Sponsorship proposal



One upfront payment of $4,997 + GST for Australian residents  OR  Three monthly payments of $1,700  + GST for Australian residents




This laser sharp coaching series will ensure you have everything you become the new darling of events scene. Smart and sassy, we’ll talk events, branding, market positioning, promotion, packaging, income generation, client attraction and MORE! 

Suited to: Those who want to explore their event ideas in a safe and supportive way  //  Those who want to hold beautiful and compelling events but feel overwhelmed about the outcome and want to know everything is on track  //  Those who want to grow their business in an exciting and sustainable way




// Free 20 minute initial consultation to determine if we are a great fit for each other

// 1 x Deep diving questionnaire to get an overview of your current events

// 6 x Fortnightly 60 minute strategic coaching sessions

// 1 x Templated DIY Event Manual for you to including:

    - Event timelines and checklists

    - Venue inspection checklist

    - Supplier type recommendations

    - Budget template  

    - Income strategy recommendations

    - Run sheet template  

    - Marketing and social media templates

    - Sponsorship proposal template

 // Lifetime access to the Workshop Wonderful group program



One upfront payment of $4,997 + GST for Australian residents  OR  Three monthly payments of $1,700  + GST for Australian residents




Book your free 20 minute consultation - hit Apply Now or email me at jade(at)eventhead.com.au

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Over the last year, I have created and developed two key eCourses to ensure that business owners, like you, have everything you need to build a beautiful business with solid foundations AND the ability to open up multiple income streams to ensure consistent cash flow, a steady flow of clients and continual growth.

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Got questions?

I’m ready to answer them!

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Are you ready to become an event success? Let’s go!