Event Etiquette - 4 Rules Great Guests Rock

Ahhh we love great guests don't we?! Fortunately, every event is blessed to have these gorgeous guys and gals help the host breathe a sigh of relief and make that smile a little wider.

Over the years I've noticed the greatest guests always follow these four rules:

1. They arrive on time
We panic when guests are early and feel deflated when everyone is running late so it's no wonder we get excited when someone rocks up on time! Great guests or GG's as they shall now be known, have an in built sensor so they know when to arrive. Either that or they own a watch.

2. They enjoy what's there but they don't overdo it
By overdo it I mean single-handedly drink the carefully considered bar tab and eat three days worth of canapés. GG's are a considerate lot, enjoying what's on offer but not so much so that others miss out.


3. They enjoy the company
GG's are a friendly bunch, always meeting new people and making an effort to say hello to anyone near them. This can be a huge relief for others who may be too shy to introduce themselves to someone new or for people who think, 'do they even remember me?'. The best GG's are like mini hosts, connecting people who they know will be a good match and putting people at ease.

4. They thank hosts before leaving
Hosts always appreciate a thank you and a goodbye, no matter how brief, when guests are leaving. GG's will always seek their host out to let them know what a good job they did and what a great time they had. Aren't they sweet?


I'm always grateful for my GG's and love that they make an effort at my parties and events. They are four very simple rules but they can make all the difference. To all the GG's out there - you rock!