How to Raise Money for Charity at Your Event

In my former life, I managed a charity and then specifically its member programs and fundraising opportunities. Along with the personal donations we received, we also had a lot of fundraising done on our behalf at different events from make-up parties to morning teas to formal dinners and everything in between.

We’d get a donation for $13,000 then a donation for $250 and we loved them all. Groups who donated a small amount used to say, 'Oh it’s not much' all the time, but what they didn't realise was that to a small not for profit like ours that didn't receive government funding or ongoing grants, all of these smaller donations added up quickly and became the reason we could continue our work and get so much done.

Whether your next event is big or small, I’d sooo love for you to think about how you can give back to charity in some way. Everything that comes with giving to charity is so positive and uplifting and the impact you can make is incredible.

Stuck for ideas on how to incorporate charity fundraising into your next event? Below is a list that you can refer to time and time again for any event or celebration! 

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