EHM is here!

Aaaaand she’s here! I’d love to introduce you to the very first issue of EH Magazine - Inspired Events for Passionate Entrepreneurs. EHM is a live content digi-mag that is here to shake things up and provide a one stop shop for entrepreneurs who run events as a core part of their business.

We take a holistic view on the entrepreneurial journey and know from first-hand experience that events are much more than booking a room and ordering catering! They involve worldwide travel, accommodation for the organizer and attendees, beautiful design and style on stage and in the room, services and suppliers who are superior in quality, and fashion and beauty that makes you feel confident and glamorous.

From luxurious venues, to nourishing food, to onsite accommodation, to attendee gifts, to the red lippy you put on before the meet and greet, EHM has you covered. We love a unique take on things and we love to shake up the status quo with some creative vision!

Our very first cover girl is the incredible Gala Darling who has spoken to thousands of people, at hundreds of different events, all over the world. This lady walks her talk and is paving the pink glittered way for many bloggers and entrepreneurs across the globe. She is a wonderful example of where dreams can take you and what you can achieve. We hope you enjoy the very first issue – we are just getting started!! X