How to Work With Your Florist For Your Event

For something a bit different I thought I would focus on flowers this week as I am forever using florists across the country for my clients events.

I LOVE flowers at events, they are one of my favourite parts of the decor and they make me positively squeeaaal with delight.

One of the beautiful florists I work with is Tillda Flowers so I interviewed the owner Casey to get her view on florals at events...

Thanks so much for speaking with me today Casey, it’s so great to get a florists perspective on getting your arrangements ready for your event.

Florals always have such a wonderful impact on events like workshops, seminar, launches and presentations and can really turn a normal room into something spectacular. 

You’ve done beautiful flowers for me before and I always have them at my own events because I know how much of a difference it can make to not only the feel when people walk in, but also the photography from the day and any filming you do too. 

Sometimes though, clients come to me with last minute requests for their flowers which can keep us on our toes!

How far in advance should clients ideally come to you with their enquiries?

To allow your florist to have ample time to place orders for your required style, I personally suggest four weeks for larger scale events (those which require floral designing, planning and styling) and two weeks for smaller events which only require a few statement arrangements for the space.

And when you are working with clients, is it best for them to have a budget in mind prior to you preparing the initial quote so you know what you are working with?

Having a budget in mind is always ideal as it allows us to offer realistic suggestions and ideas. Like most events, clients are always working within budgets so this is generally quite straight forward.

Is it helpful for your clients to provide examples of colours, arrangements, sizes and styles they like on something like a pinterest board or via email?

This is a great question! I am finding more and more that pintrest is on one hand a great visual tool, however, it allows clients to create these fairy tale events which are not always practical and within reach for their budgets.

Like a lot of social media platforms they allow you to get carried away from reality. 

The best thing to do is determine a theme, colour scheme and style, then once we have this and your rough budget, we can then look at a few inspiration photos and get a good sense of what direction we are heading. 

Do you have any hot styling tips for people need to make maximum impact but have a smaller budget for their florals?

Less is more. If you have a smaller budget, put the value into fewer statement items and make them a standout impact piece rather then trying to spread the value around multiple arrangements.

I like to think that one large vase of tulips en-masse  for example will look far better then multiple small vases of minimal blooms.

A fun part of finishing up at an event is giving away the flowers – either to supportive team members or to some of the lucky people who have attended (flowers are always a nice prize for a simple door prize draw).

Is there way to make sure the lucky winners get the most out of their flowers in the days to come?

With all flowers, once they leave their water source and environment they should be freshly cut and placed into a clean vase with fresh water.

There are many myths and ideas about what to put into the water to keep your flowers fresh. I personally find that if the flowers are fresh they will be far better in clean water then anything else.

And do you have any final advice or tips for people who are looking to get flowers for their next event?

I highly recommend allocating a generous amount of the budget for beautiful fresh flowers, they will become part of your imagine and brand for the course of the event.

My view is if you are going to do them, then do them well, otherwise you would be better off to spend the money elsewhere.

They will become a reflection of you and your business so make them standout and have the men and women in the crowd admire them and ask who was the florist.

Flowers only ever compliment, never offend.

There is so much fabulous advice in there from Casey, so remember - contact your florist early, have a reasonable budget and determine a theme, colour scheme and style (perhaps without all the pinterest pics to begin with!).

Tillda Flowers is a studio based florist in Melbourne run by Casey Bodycoat. Tillda caters for events, weddings, corporate clients and day to day deliveries. Operating out of a cute studio tucked down a little lane, orders and deliveries go out daily across Melbourne. 

With a young and vibrant team who loves colour, fragrance and fuss free florals, they have a hands on approach with all clients, guiding them through their event preparation and planning needs, no matter how big or small. You can check them out here.

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