What Events Have Taught Me About Successful Entrepreneurs

After doing events for so long, you really notice what keeps on trending in the live speaking circuit and what grabs people's attention. It's always piqued my interest, wondering why some people are big crowd drawers and how they can sell out tickets in a matter of hours, while others who work just as hard don't even fill a small room. What is the difference? 

While thinking about what all of these people have in common, I started to notice recurring themes at events that I worked at or attended, in magazine articles or online. Then I realised, amazing entrepreneurs/business owners/cool people who rule the world all display the same traits. 

So of course I had to share them with you! These are the things events have taught me about successful entrepreneurs:

Their stories become legend.

You know how they started, why they started and their successes and failures along the way. Their story becomes one of their most important selling points. Hello Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson and Australia's Carolyn Creswell. 

People work with them or buy things from them because they want to be around them, learn from them or be a version of them.

That's literally all it comes down to. If you have people wanting just one of these three things of you then you will do well. If you have all three - well, hold on tight baby coz you're headed into the stratosphere.

The more they look wanted, the more people want them. 

Even if someone doesn't know who a successful person is or what they do, they will always take a second look if they see like-minded peeps are in love with them. If they are already a fan, then everything they like about them is just validated even further when others jump on board the fan-wagon.

When people see the words 'sold out', 'waitlist only' or 'not taking bookings till 2064', then people will do anything to be around them.

They have an unwavering belief that they are providing life changing value to the world.

Truly. They don't think they can change your life, they KNOW they can change your life. Their complete and utter belief in what they can offer is steadfast and unwavering.

This has always been a running theme in business but it always comes back to same old adage, if you don't believe in yourself - who will?

They handle themselves like celebrity.

Some of the richest, most successful people aren't known in common households. They aren't accosted down the street by fans or followed by paparazzi. BUT, they are celebrities in their own right. They have fans and a massive presence in their industry, people go na-nah's over them when they walk into a room and they have been in more selfies than a drunk chick in a nightclub.

They've been around long enough by now to know that reputation is everything, and like a celebrity, they will ensure that people will leave with a positive experience and view of them. They engage with people on a real level and accept invitations to have another picture, sign a book or hear someones life story all with a smile on their face, even when all they want to do is go have a nap. Bless.

They niche it down. 

They help you get that one thing that you want.

That may be more money, better health, happiness, success, peace, wellness or a kick ass product that makes your life a heck of a lot easier but they don't pretend to solve all of your problems. They only solve one, but oh my lord, don't they do it well! 


So, I totally think I've cracked the secret to success! Alright, I'm off to think of a legendary way to tell my story while looking busy and niching it way down! ;)