How to Tame Your Event Beast

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You want to plan an event. You start out with one idea. You find a venue and start to look at invites. It seems to be ok so far but then all of the sudden everything snowballs and you are eyeball deep in flyers, catering, exploding budgets, ticketing websites, decorations, entertainment, photographers, facebook/twitter/instagram, sponsorship proposals, venue issues, networking, promoting, speeches, prizes, gift bags etc etc and you are tearing your hair out wondering why people do this for a living (yep, I hear that weekly!).

If you nodded while reading that - especially the last line - then please don't despair, here is how you can tame your event beast into an event puppy.

1.    Open wine. Cheers!

2.    Open your laptop and start a To Do list either in word or excel with all of your tasks listed from the large to the seemingly unimportant. Yes, you must include getting a blow dry and new shoes for the event.

3.    Put them into order of urgency and give each one a deadline.

4.    Identify what you can get assistance with and immediately delegate. Don’t think too hard about this one, just ask for help if you need it.

5.    Create a budget and list all of your costs. You may as well include the wine you just drank.

6.    Look at what costs you need to reassess, cut back on or change then take the necessary steps to do this.

7.    Vent to your girlfriends over how stressful this all is.

8.    Keep updating your To Do list, only concentrating on what needs to be done at this very moment – it’s too easy to be overwhelmed thinking about alllll of it. So don’t.

Seriously, it sounds simple but just by doing this you will regain sweet, sweet control and make you feel like an event pro. The beast is gone and your heart will feel normal again.

Thank goodness for that!