The What If Project // Week One

Welcome to the What If Project, five weeks of flipping hear on its head and seeing what’s on the other side. I work with and coach a lot of people who make big strides to overcome their fears in both their events and their business and the one thing I notice them all saying is… what if.

What If no one comes...

What If no one likes it...

What If I’m terrible at it...

But in building up my own business, I know that for me, the What If’s are a good thing and are sometimes the only thing that gives me the courage to move forward.

What If it’s brilliant!

What If it works!

What If I really help someone!

So through this project I want to remind you that What If’s can be a BEAUTIFUL and encouraging thing. I am also using this project to support awesome Australian businesses by offering a prize from a different business every week. I want to shine a little light on what they do and show you the beauty that can come from flipping those What If’s and turning them into something positive.

So let’s talk about this weeks What If.

Pic credit: Fi Mims Photography  //  Styling credit: Ruffles and Bells

Pic credit: Fi Mims Photography  //  Styling credit: Ruffles and Bells

What If…. They Love You.

When you write that blog post, when you get up to speak, when you go to that networking event and you start worrying that they won’t like you, or think you are silly, consider this thought for a moment. What If They Love You.

How does that change things for you? Does it make it all worth it?

I’d love for you to share a time when you were scared to do something but you did it anyway and it was amazing. Everyone who comments HERE gets put into the draw to win the most gorgeous set of gold Geometric Metallic Tattoos from the incredibly talented @thedarlingtree - please check out her work, you will fall in love I am sure. And feel free to tag friends who you think have a great story to share too. I’ll announce the winner on Thursday on Instagram.

I am really looking forward to reading your comments and don’t forget to follow me for each weeks reminder, prompts and prizes. xx 


Win a set of beautiful Darling Tree temporary tattoos by commenting HERE

Win a set of beautiful Darling Tree temporary tattoos by commenting HERE

The Langham Melbourne Soiree

Last Thursday, I was lucky enough to be invited to the gorgeously divine Langham Hotel for a soiree showcase that promised an elegant evening of exquisite culinary and unique showcase. The first part of the evening was set in the Alto Room on the 25th floor that has one of my most favourite views of the city. With a glass of bubbles in hand (champs for Jo, bubble water for me), we enjoyed delectable canapes and foodie delights.

Unfortunately we had to leave early and couldn't go on to the next part of the evening, but judging from the photos below, it was definitely a stunning and delicious finish to the evening!

The Langham is a beautiful event venue in Melbourne and their quality never fails to impress. You can view more about the hotel and their events spaces HERE and if you aren't holding an event soon but are keen to try what the hotel has to offer, check out their special events and high teas HERE.

And hands up who else LOVES that pink car. I just ADORE it! I totally need a ride in it one day.

All images taken by The Langham Hotel Melbourne

Unexpected things you need to think about for your events

Running events are for the most part, pretty straight forward. You plan it, show up, do your thang and then pack up and go home. But there are a few things you don't always think about with your events that can catch you by surprise. Here are some to help you prepare!



Give yourself as much time as possible to do the setup. Even if it means you are sitting there, twiddling your thumbs and refreshing your instagram, it is a much better scenario than getting there later than you thought (thanks traffic!), taking three trips to get all your gift bags up, having to stuff around with the AV that's not working properly with your laptop, rearranging some furniture last minute and then worrying that you look sweaty. 

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International Women's Day Melbourne Breakfast

As a proud committe member for the Australian National Committee for UN Women, Melbourne International Women's Day Chapter, it was such a thrill to help plan and assist at the official Melbourne 2015 breakfast.

UN Women is the United Nations entity responsible for promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality through specific projects and programs, challenging attitudes which perpetuate gender inequality and engage with Governments to raise awareness.  The annual breakfasts serve as a forum to continue the conversation as well as celebrate the progress made so far.

This year featured Irene M Santiago, Lead Convener of WOMEN.SERIOUSLY! Global Campaign on Women, Peace and Security, Marcus Laithwaite, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mele Maualaivao, Country Program Coordinator for UN Women and Catherine Fox, Journalist and Author.

In between collecting generous donations from guests, we were able to listen to the guest panellists and hear their stories. To say I was inspired was an understatement and I have even declared Irene as one of my new heros (and not just because she's Philippino - because she's a total kick ass woman whose courage and leadership is just incredible). 

The whole morning was such a beautiful reminder that events are an amazing vehicle to spread important messages to those who have the capacity to take action. Events in reality, are so much more than sitting in a room and listening. They have the infinite ability to make progress, create change, empower others and lead movements. 

As an event professional who is a humble and grateful part of many amazing events like today’s breakfast, I really want to encourage you - if you have something important to say, share it. Don’t hide. Let your voice be heard. Whether it’s about equality, human rights, health, knowledge, spirituality or otherwise, or whether you’re speaking to 20 people or 20,000 people, let your message be heard. Your passion could just about change the world.

A big, big hug and cheers goes out to committee chair Lama and committee members Anna and Ruby. And a big thank you goes out to all the volunteers that helped us on the day, including my girls Renata, Jaya and Nell. 5am starts aren't that bad hey? ;)


The 2015 Event Head Intensives - It's a Wrap!

Aah events. Obviously I have a real love for them but I am such a big fan of the impact they have on people's lives. Most of the time, you go in expecting one thing and end up coming out with so much more than you hoped for. And that is what happened at my Event Head Intensives on the 21st and 22nd February at the gorgeous Olsen Hotel. A beautiful group of women attended my classes expecting to learn about event management, promotion, sponsorship and planning and ended up walking away with all that and more, with budding friendships and amazing support for one another. It was such a great weekend and I couldn’t have been more grateful for the women who came along.

Each session started off with a gentle guided meditation by the amazing Cora from Cora & Bodhi and then we went straight into the detail of creating events for your business, attaining sponsors, promoting your event and getting the most out of your event.  The four classes included: 

Event Planning 101: Creating Thriving Events for Your Business
Event Sponsorship 101: Creating Fulfilling Relationships with Sponsors
Event Promotion 101: Promoting and Selling Your Event
Event Management 101: Getting the Most Out of Your Event   

All classes were all topped off with worksheets, brainstorming sessions and lots of Q&A time which we had no problem filling! 

A huge special thank you goes to my beautiful sponsors The Olsen Hotel, Collective Magazine, Lemon Canary, Design With Style, The Beauty of Life and Twinings for their support of this event and their generosity towards my attendees. They felt very spoilt!

For anyone interested in the content, I will be releasing these classes in an audio format for you to enjoy at your own leisure, sign up to my mailing list for a special pre-sale offer! 


Elizabeth Rose Tea Time At The Circus - An Event for Your Little Ones

What could be more fun than running away to the circus?

Hold on to your lollipops because Jaquelyn Muller Books and Event Head will be presenting a fabulously fun story-time workshop with the help of Elizabeth Rose and her rather bendy, high flying, spangling  performing family.

Based on the ‘Elizabeth Rose’ series of children’s picture books about the little girl who lives in a circus, young children and their parents will delight in a glorious morning of stories, activities and a scrumptious tea for all hungry lions and their lion tamers.

The Elizabeth Rose Tea Time at the Circus workshops are 1.5 hours in duration for children aged 3 – 5. Parents and children will enjoy fun, (and possibly messy) art and drama activities washed down with sweet treats and a book signing. Better still, why not dress up as your favourite circus performer?

Date: Wednesday 11 March, 2015
Time: 10am – 11.30am
Venue: Apples and Jam, 217-239 Montague Street, South Melbourne
Cost: $40 for 1 parent and 1 child. Additional children $15 each (price includes art materials,
Let’s Read show bag and morning tea for kids and grown ups). All children must be accompanied by a supervising adult.


We can't wait to see you there!

Wow, what a weekend!

I have literally just come away from the most wonderful weekends ever! I've spent the last two days facilitating my very first round of Event Head workshops with a bevvy of beautiful women in the fabulous Olsen Hotel in South Yarra. 

With each session being led with a gentle guided meditation by Cora Geroux, we then went over creating events for your business, attaining sponsors, promoting your event and getting the most out of your event. I loved how we had so many lively discussions with lots of questions and lots of sharing. It was such a beautiful way to gain knowledge, get some insider tips and spend time bonding with such incredible women. 

I want to thank my beautiful sponsors The Olsen Hotel, Collective Magazine, Lemon Canary, Design With Style, The Beauty of Life and Twinings for their support of this event and their generosity towards my attendees. 

I am going to do a proper round up post shortly with the gorgeous pics from Kate Di Blasi so keep an eye out!

Pieces of Me Instagram Challenge

I decided at the start of this year that I would like to share more of me with you. Personally, I LOVE anything that peels back the curtains and shows some of the 'behind the scenes' stuff and for as long as I remember, I have been fascinated with other people's lives and experiences. One way that I've gotten to know people really well is through the wonderful medium that is Instagram but I sometimes struggle with my own account and knowing what to post. I also struggle with knowing how to post all of the little pieces that make up me in a way that doesn't feel fragmented and kinda crazy. So I came up with a little challenge for myself called Pieces of Me to help prompt me to post a photo a day, share a little bit more of my world and to push a little further than what I would usually do. Then I decided, well why not see if anyone else wants to come on board and join in - I'd love to see all the pieces that make up you too!

So below are the instructions for the fun and quick 10 day challenge starting on MONDAY 16TH FEBRUARY. As a thank you for people taking part, I decided to offer one lucky winner a beautiful Lemon Canary prize pack that is just stunning. So come and join the fun, you will have some beautiful content for your own instagram account and you could walk away the lucky winner!

To join in, all you have to do is:
Follow @theeventhead on Instagram. I will be posting a daily reminder on my Instagram account.

Save the graphic above to your phone or computer so you have a reference whenever you need.

Follow the days listed and post a photo in line with each theme. Don’t forget to tag me @theeventhead and use the hashtag #piecesofme

Support others by searching the #piecesofme hashtag and like their pics or leave some kind words.

Instagram: @theeventhead
Facebook: eventhead
Twitter: @theeventhead

Everyone who posts their 10 photos, tags @theeventhead and uses the hashtag #piecesofme goes into the draw to win a gorgeous Lemon Canary gift pack that includes a beautiful 300gm Votive in your choice of scent, a rose quartz and a deck of Destiny Cards. 

Share on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and help spread the word!

Uncomfortable Things You Have To Do To Run Successful Events

There's no doubt about it. Events can bring up stuff. And by 'stuff' I mean every uncomfortable, confronting feeling that you don't want to face. Are you an introvert by nature? Do you lack confidence in some areas of marketing and selling or even public speaking? Do you have insecurities that you've successfully managed to hide deep down inside you? Well be prepared to meet these babies head on. As scary as it can seem, this is not a bad thing (yes seriously!). This is, in fact, a downright amazing opportunity to be completely liberated and finally free of them!

So what things am I talking about specifically? Well let's drill down and have look!


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