Beautiful You Coaching Academy - An Offer For You

Did you know I am a certified life coach? Yeah, all those intense D&M's we've been having in cafes lately make sense now huh?! ;) But seriously, it was a proud day when I graduated from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy with my certificate in hand because I knew that it was going to change the way I do business forever. From the course, I gained the complimentary knowledge, skills and tools to take my event coaching to the next level and provide a holistic experience that is fulfilling in all areas of my clients lives.

If you have run events before, you will know just how SUPER emotional it can get, especially when those doubts and fears start creeping in and it is my job to help you gently (or not so gently - whatever you prefer!) remove those blocks and move forward with conviction. My life coaching training plays a big part in that whole-hearted support because I wanted to make sure that you get a complete experience where you can move forward confidently in the years to come. Lord knows I love a spreadsheet and a timeline but baby, we've gotta go deeper than that! 

The fabulous thing about this course is that even if you don't want to only offer life coaching, this course is an option for you too. If you are running a service based business like mine that helps others in another way (think marketing, blogging, health etc), then this course is a great way to boost your skills and add an extra element to your existing coaching.  

Knowing that the Beautiful You Coaching Academy attracts the most gorgeous souls on this planet who are intent on bringing so much love and joy to peoples lives, I have always felt such a strong sense of loyalty to Julie, Glenn, the team and the students. So, as a proud graduate, supporter and affiliate for this course, I have decided to offer a big, beautiful bonus for anyone who wants to sign up through me.



You will receive a full 6 session coaching series with me (1 hour sessions fortnightly for 12 weeks), focusing on either making events become a thriving part of your business OR focusing on your business strategy and development for the year ahead. I am a fierce cheerleader for your success and what better way to get your coaching business out there than with some strategic work around your goals for the year!


As a certified BYCA coach, 6 sessions with me will go towards your own certification pathway.


You will also receive a copy of my 46 page Ultimate Event Toolkit and Build Your Own series of templates to help keep your events and business on track.


If you want to sign up to the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and want to access my bonuses, sign up HERE. And don't forget, you must sign up through my link in order to claim your bonuses. Make sure mine is the last link you click or you may miss out!

Jade xx 



FRAU Jewellery Launch at Lucky Penny

The gorgeous Helen Reizer of HRPR always spoils me with lovely invitations to such fun events around Melbourne. After a few weeks hiatus, I got back out into the circuit with the FRAU Jewellery Launch at the Lucky Penny on Chapel Street on Tuesday night.

With a photography exhibition from Jackson Thomas from The Voice 2014 and 10% of the sale proceeds going to the Cancer Council, it was a fabulous way to celebrate stylist Kate Bollard's exciting new line.

The Lucky Penny was pumping with a room full of gorgeous guests enjoying drinks and nibbles whilst listening to Hugo Bladel play some sweet tunes in the background. A bevvy of Australian reality TV stars filled the room including The Blocks' Maxine and Karsten, X Factors Alice Bottomly and Jason Heerah and Coxy’s Big Break presenter Lee Chan adding to the excitement of the evening.

All in all it was a fabulous launch - congratulations ladies!

All images courtesy of Anthony Licuria from APL Photography.



The Power of The Testimonial

If you run regular events or are launching a new event that you would like to hold again, then please promise me you won't forget your testimonials. Testimonials are the social proof that helps people decide whether or not they want to come along to your event the next time around and are an important part of your promo in the lead up.

They are fabulous for showing people:

- The outcomes they can expect from the event

- Reasons why they should attend

- How you can solve their particular problem

- How it's made a difference to their lives

And basically why they should listen to you and pay money to be in a room with you.


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The Ultimate Event Toolkit: Charity Edition

Charity is a huge part of my life. Over the years I have assisted many not for profit organisations and social enterprises in lots of different ways and at one point I was even managing a national cancer charity whose mission and members are still very dear to me and close to my heart. With the amazing help of family, friends, workmates and other passionate people, I have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars doing everything from having morning teas to pink parties to hosting movie nights to selling badges in shopping centres to asking people to run in high heels. It's been a heck of a lot of fun but as a mum with a growing baby and a growing business, it's been harder to dedicate as much of myself to the in person work. 

All of the events I personally put on raise money for charity through a raffle and awareness, I assist others in their fundraising missions whether it's through advice, planning templates or on the day assistance and I hold fundraisers, but I've been feeling the pull to do something on a larger scale, that doesn't require me to be there. So last week, it occurred to me that I could update my Ultimate Event Toolkit to be specifically for charities and for now, just give it away for free.

If you are part of, or know someone in a not for profit organisation or social enterprise who holds fundraisers, awareness events, workshops or any type of formal event, then this toolkit is for you. For free. With love. With 5 editable PDF templates over 46 pages, I know that this can help make your event planning process easier and more streamlined, saving you hours and giving you results.

You can get your very own copy HERE until the 31st October 2014 and I would absolutely love for you to share this with any organisations that you know who could benefit.

Jade xx 



Weekly Round Up - 19th October 2014

You may have noticed that I missed a weekly round up or two. The last few weeks has been a real rollercoaster with some really awesome stuff happening and then some very sad stuff happening, such as the loss of my dear Uncle Ken so please forgive my absence and also my inability to remember everything that's gone on over the last few weeks!



One thing that made me really, really happy was celebrating my darling Cerise's second birthday. Even though her party was low key, she was lucky enough to have no less than THREE separate celebrations - what a party animal! We are still getting visitors coming around with presents. Seriously, the amount of love that surrounds this child is just heart melting ❤❤❤



OH. EM. GEEEE. When Julie Parker and I announced applications were open for the Beautiful Business Mastermind, we had no idea about the response we were going to get. We were blown away when the mastermind SOLD OUT in THREE HOURS. Wowsers!

We were so inundated with incredible applicants that we quickly made a snap decision to run another Mastermind and we now only have FOUR places left in the remaining group which is filling fast with the most gorgeously heart centered business owners going around town! 

Space is tight and competition to join us is high - but if you are feeling called to make 2015 your most incredible year in business yet with a supportive tribe of incredible entrepreneurs alongside two of Australia's most passionate and heartfelt coaches - then we are ready for you.

We can't wait to see who else is going to join us along with the incredible coaches, tech experts, networking professionals, social media mavens, personal trainers and more that we already have. I have tingles! 

Come join in the fun, growth, inspiration and connection! Apply for the Beautiful Business Mastermind HERE.



I was super stoked to be featured in the very first edition of the fabulous Raspberry Magazine, by the gorgeous Alana Wimmer, talking about all things workshops. It's chock full of the most amazing and inspiring women all spilling the juicy deets on their passions so download it today!


Until next week lovelies xx


Event Success - An Interview With Maddison Vernon

When I think of this little lady, I think of these three words to describe her - an absolute darling.

Maddie helps stressed out students overcome the stress and burnout and thrive in their studies instead. Wonderful! I really enjoyed coaching Maddie and was excited to interview her for my Event Success series.

How have events changed your business?

Holding my first event was a spectacular experience. I felt it was something that really legitimized my business in the face of those around myself, my readers and definitely in my own eyes. 

It solidifies your message and why you are doing what you are doing in the eye of your community. Along with constantly reminding yourself why you are doing what you are doing - because trust me, when you are facing lots of gremlins in relation to can I do this, what do I have to offer, is this crazy, you are constantly reminded why you do what you do. 


What do you love the most about holding events?

It was a reminder that I love connecting with people and cultivating community around me. It also really sparked something for me, the knowledge that this is a complete passion of mine, something I want to be doing a lot more of. 

I love connecting with other women, and seeing them meet each other. It was honestly a highlight to see women meeting for the first time, chatting away and talking about how they could continue to connect past my event. To think that I created a space for that to occur is incredible. 

I also love talking and getting to create a space where people can come together and talk about how they want to continue to further themselves and can grow and learn. These kind of conversations happening in real life are something that fuels me and leaves me high on life. 


How do attendees feel when they leave your events?

They left feeling empowered and at peace with themselves. 

I had an attendee say before she came to my workshop she was ready to go home and study more because she thought she had to do that. But afterwards she said she was going home to relax because she knew she deserved that. That really goes to show that the attendees walked away a little big kinder and gentler to themselves. Something we everyone can always be reminded of I think. 

What are your top tips for a stress free event?

Get support: I would not have created this event without the help of Jade, would still be in the works and I don’t think it would have been as successful as it was without her. I am in no way putting down my own efforts because I know I did some incredible things I am very proud of. But if I didn’t have Jade’s expertise, skills, help and extreme amount of support I would not have done the things I needed to. 

If you can look at how you can work with someone to go through this process, otherwise ask another business person who has done it so they can help you. Of course your loved ones are important during this time to support and cheer you on, but having a cry to someone who understands how HARD it is to find a venue or how to create a running sheet can prove to be invaluable.

Be prepared: On the days before the event you want to be smooth sailing, and on the day of the event you definitely want to be relaxing and enjoying what you are about to create and put on. So my big suggestion would be to be as prepared as you can be, if it’s not perfect don’t stress, things certainly come up. But ensuring you are prepared is the best way to wake up and run your event with minimal stress. 

Celebrate: I always think celebrating is such a huge part of any adventure and learning process, so my last tip would be to celebrate your achievement. Pay dues at how far you have come and treat yourself to something special really anchoring in those positive feelings. 

Amen sister! You can keep up to date with all of Maddie's adventures and workshops HERE.

What Photos Should You Be Taking At Your Events?

Good photos from events are GOLD! Not only are they a fabulous reminder of how much fun your event was, they can also be used in so many different ways to promote your business, yourself and future events. You can use them for:

Blog wrap-ups   -   Social media posts   -   Sponsor thank you's   -   Future sponsorship proposals   -   Website pics   -   Your 'About' page   -   Media   -   Facebook ads   -   Corporate proposals... and plenty more.

So what photos should you be taking? Here is a list to give your photographer, whether it's a pro or your bestie doing you a favour ;)


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Planning your Event: Social Media Strategy

A well thought out and strategic social media plan for your event is a must in today’s world. The idea is to get your event in front future attendees’ eyes, and what better place to do that then where their eyes already are – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!


Before your event:

- Create a timeline including all the major milestones coming up to your event, the event itself and after the event.
- Design (or have someone design for you) the graphical elements you can use across the different social media channels such an infographic for Pinterest, a gif for Tumblr, a shareable quote for Facebook all promoting your event.

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Feel Like Calling Your Event Off? This is For You x

I know.

Events can feel overwhelming, scary, uncertain and at times - a helluva lotta work. The panic that can set in when tickets aren't selling and you feel like you just aren't getting the traction you need can be crippling. Or maybe you are paralysed at the thought of how real everything just got and it feels like out of nowhere you've hit a brick wall.

If you are feeling like all you want to do is chuck it in, these reminders are for you. I hope that they give you the motivation to keep going or at least show you that you are not alone.


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Event Ticketing Made Easy

I see a lot of my clients get stuck on the ticketing side of things and for good reason. It come be confusing for newbies. What info do I need? What ticketing system do I use? What features are helpful? What is important and what is just fluff?

Let's break it down. 


The name of the event. I know, like d'uh but this is an instructional :)

The time, location and any specific instructions. It is always helpful to have an arrival time (like 6.45pm for a 7pm start) an end time and a map as well.

A summary of what the event is about and some tempting text enticing people to come. The more the info the better, as long as you keep it on point and succinct. 

Ticket price and inclusions. Got lots of goodies for your guests? Tell them!


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