That authenticity breeds abundance   //   There is no such thing as competition

Selling can be soulful and fun   //   Women like us are changing the world

You deserve to unashamedly earn an amazing income from doing what you love

That you will be wildly successful through integrity, grace, kindness and service

You are more powerful and incredible than you could ever imagine



Beautiful Business Mastermind Jade McKenzie Event Head

Do you believe that you can create a business that serves you as much as it serves your clients?

A business that is built from passion, heart and soul? 

A business that allows you to do what you love, with who you love and how you want to do it? 

I do...

because it happened to me...


I'm so incredibly grateful to have:

Nurtured my business into six figures from multiple service based and e-product revenue streams

Been blessed with word of mouth clientele and repeat business from incredible female entrepreneurs and online empires such as The Beautiful You Coaching Academy, Gala Darling, Belinda Davidson, Jane Copeland, Victoria Gibson, Kathryn Hocking and AusMumpreneur

A calendar full of coaching clients that I absolutely adore and are shining bright

Been regularly featured on multiple blogs, websites, digital magazines and podcasts

Worked in partnership with quality and well known brands including Art Series Hotels, Collective Magazine, Epson and many more

Have given back to multiple charities and not for profits through monetary donations, Kiva loans, personal fundraisers and by donating pro-bono services and toolkits

Been approached and booked in for speaking gigs in New York and Australia

Been paid travelling across Australia and internationally, staying in luxurious hotels and visiting incredible cities

Have no debt or loans and have the ability to pay for our family car in cash

Have time to consistently develop my existing offerings whilst creating new offerings that I feel passionate and excited about - my business is constantly growing and evolving from the amazing opportunities that come my way

Be surrounded by the most incredibly supportive, intelligent, uplifting, heart burstingly amazing community of women who are endlessly encouraging and loving (this is my biggest success to date)

And I honestly live a life that I never knew I could have and I am grateful for every moment of the day. Sometimes I can't believe it's mine! 

I don’t usually talk about these things so prominently, these are cards I usually hold close to my chest, but I wanted to tell you all of this because I KNOW you can have this too. I'm not special. I didn't come from money. No-one knew who I was when I started (Event Head who?!). All I had was my determination and the support of those around me. I started my business on maternity leave knowing that I either had to make this work or I had to get job. To me, getting a job was my last resort so I had to build it fast with my baby in my arms.

For years I worked diligently on making other people’s dreams come true and I truly, truly loved it. In fact, that is what my whole business is based on today. But the whole time I was working for someone else, I had a constant yearning to have a business of my own.

To live a life on my terms.

To have an unbelievably meaningful existence where I also had control over my hours, my time, where I go, what I do, who I work with and how I give back.

You too lovely?  

I’ve done the hard yards and worked my way from the bottom up. I had 10 years in a corporate career with a passion for business development, helping multiple business owners create thriving, successful businesses. I know now that my whole life was preparing me for this incredible adventure and now I’m here, things are happening at lightning speed. But you don’t need all of my years and experience to have your own definition of success.


Because you have me.

All my hard won experience and hard earned lessons are yours for the taking. No fluff, no fillers, no BS. Just the stuff that matters. I'm not here to tell you what to do without having done it myself. Every day I walk my talk and implement all the things I teach my clients about. With a thriving service based business that is going to expand to even bigger heights in 2017, you can guarantee that everything I give you is everything I've done myself and what I know works. 

And now you know all about me, let's get back to you.

I want you to take everything I’ve learnt from the good, the great, the bad and the tears, and propel yourself into inspired action. Because here's the thing gorgeous one, there's no sexy and silver bullet to success.

What you need is actually quite simple and I guarantee you already have it in spades.






The only commitment you need to make? To back yourself. Every single day.

And I’m here to back you too.  Because I know that me + you = your dreams come true.  

As a business and events coach with a life coaching certification, I work with women every single day to help them break through blocks ranging from the annoying to the paralysing, turn simple to-do’s into opportunities of a lifetime and yes, I get ready to say ‘I told you so’ when you do something you never thought you could do.



The Beautiful Business Mastermind will be back in february 2017 for its fourth round and I am excited to lead another group of incredible women on an exciting and ever expanding journey.

The Beautiful Business Mastermind is a mastermind for entrepreneurs who are ready to take giant leaps to having their business be the foundation of the loving, inspirational and abundant lifestyle they are ready to claim.            
It will bring together a powerful and purposeful group of amazing people who will provide each other with incredible support, accountability, gentle wisdom and the courageous boost each other needs to step up to the next business level they know is within their reach.            
It will carve out a space to share wins, struggles, triumphs, fears and hopes, all while driving each member into motivated and purposeful action and implementation that is driven by their true purpose and passion.        
And it will provide an incredibly fun and inspirational experience that will create lasting connections and friendships, all while propelling businesses to greater heights, both online AND in person.





Jade helped me to think strategically about business, marketing and seeking sponsorship beyond just the one-off event she helped me to develop and implement. 

An unexpected benefit of working with Jade was the amazing and positive encouragement she offered in bucket-loads. She genuinely instilled in me a sense of confidence and constantly reiterated what an important message I have to share.

This was invaluable as it motivated me to keep going. Jade's level of support and the service she offered exceeded all of my expectations. 

Jade really is the epitome of gorgeousness, business brains and prowess. 

It was a privilege to work with her and I'm excited to work with her again in the future to help me amplify my message.



Jade McKenzie has been connected to the most amazing people in business for a very long time without a lot of people knowing that she is a driving factor behind their success.  

A brilliant strategist, organiser and coach, Jade has the innate ability to see potential and possibilities where many others would give up and say it can't be done.  

To Jade, things can always be done, and she is never better than when she is in service to others helping them craft their dream business, unleash their skills, and step up into a bigger game - the one they've always dreamed of but never quite been able to reach. If you're a smart, driven business woman who wants to work with the very best there is - you will work with Jade.  I do.  

And while I keep dreaming of one day being able to have her all to myself, I leave her with you to take all you can get from this amazing woman. You will never regret one moment of working with her. 


Working with Jade as part of the Beautiful Business Mastermind, The Beautiful You Coaching Academy and other workshops and events, Jade has proved time and time again that it is absolutely possible to build a thriving business based on being true to who you are.

Kind, generous, honest, and a powerhouse of positivity, Jade walks her talk and shows how super smart it is to bring soul and service to your business. If you are dedicated to upping your smarts, savvy and success and building a beautiful business smothered in sincerity and soul, I would highly recommend learning from Jade and making her your new business role model.



When I first connected with Jade I was completely overwhelmed and frozen. I was at the very start of setting things up for my business and trying to do a lot of things at once. I felt like I had a hundred balls in the air and couldn't keep them there much longer. I really wanted to drop – no - throw the balls away!!

I needed someone to talk to and support me, as well as get really clear and hold me accountable. I also needed help navigating my way through the start of my business and Jade delivered! My expectations were exceeded and Jade’s coaching gave me a sense of calm and the feeling that I can do this. Jade is an angel and has helped me at   one of the most pivotal moments of my career. THANK YOU!



The BBM was a truly beautiful and enriching experience.

Through the BBM I have gained clarity in putting together my signature program, been held accountable in achieving my goals every week, grown as a person, received invaluable advice and support and made friends and connections for life.

To top it off, I had the opportunity to speak on stage which was a dream come true and it was the most amazing day!



Jade is a true business angel. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jade for the past two years and without a doubt she has played an instrumental part in the growth and success of my business.

Having not coming from a business background, I found the learning and support Jade provided in the 2015, BBM Mastermind absolutely brilliant. Jade created a heart-centred learning community which was one of the most inspiring, fun and supportive business groups that I’ve ever been part of.

Jade and the BBM come with my highest recommendation for those wanting to grow their business.



 I could tell that the investment would give me an incredible return, BUT WOW! I underestimated the magic I was going to receive from our time together! 

Jade is gifted in bringing people together and creating an atmosphere of inclusion and encouragement. I knew I needed not only advice and resources to support my business, but also the accountability and encouragement to implement and keep going when days were tough. I got this in spades.

I got new insight and learnings from my time in the mastermind and the greatest gift I received was the connection to peers for support and insight to make connections I couldn't see otherwise. 

Jade is a bundle of energy and smiles but behind that smile is a world of experience in business strategy, tactics and a wisdom to help you bring your business dreams into reality and she'll always connect you with someone or something that will help. 

So if you're feeling the little nugget of attraction to Jade and her work like I did, please don't ignore it. I'm glad I followed that instinct and am now more inspired and motivated to work in my business. I was feeling a little lost and burnt out at the beginning of the year, but now I'm looking forward to the plans for next year to build on the much stronger foundation and growth I have built with the help of Jade and my BBM girlfriends.


I have absolutely LOVED working with Jade this year and can say with certainty that Jade's business expertise, advice and know how has helped me in EVERY area of my business.

From implementing systems  that help my biz back-end run smoothly, managing my calendar and workload, becoming more visible on social media, managing my biz finances, and developing my business model and income streams, Jade has helped me evaluate what I'm doing, where I'm at and then to up-level across the board.

Working with Jade has opened my eyes to new opportunities for myself and my business - and given me to confidence to back myself  and go for them.

Jade is truly a business powerhouse. What Jade has achieved and how she rolls is SO special. I am seriously honoured and blessed to have had this opportunity to work with and learn from Jade this year.

So...don't hesitate!

If you have the  opportunity to work with Jade, grab it with both hands, soak up every single nugget of wisdom she shares with you and let her help you  create the business and lifestyle of your dreams.



IN THE BEAUTIFUL BUSINESS MASTERMIND, from february to july 2017, WE WILL...


Look at your Beautiful Business Foundations


Getting your foundations right is the key to having a business that thrives. This will allow you to grow as fast and as furiously as you desire. Don't make the common mistake of allowing shiny distraction syndrome get in the way of what you really want. Get clear on what you want to do, how you want to do it and what you can do to achieve it. 


Talk about your Beautiful Business Planning


Knowing exactly how you want to fill your days and what you want them to look like is the first step to achieving a business that is fulfilling and sustainable. Planning out your month, quarter or year ahead keeps you steady in the drivers seat. Maintain incoming business, allow stable cash flow and give yourself the space to say yes to incoming opportunities, rather than the frantic doggy paddle of trying to keep up!


Discuss your Beautiful Business Brand


Who are you? What do you stand for? What do people see? Who do you want to work with? Your brand communicates who you are to the world. As a business that wants to cut through a crowded market and focus on a specific niche or area, your brand is especially important. Aim to be instantly recognisable as YOU.


Work on your Beautiful Business Promotion  


Self promotion is a must for any business owner but this is usually one of my clients biggest stumbling blocks. Learning how to promote yourself can take practice but once you've nailed it, you will never look back! Give yourself permission to shine so that those who need you, can find you. This is particularly true for niched businesses that deal in one specific area as promotion is key in getting your name up in lights.


Discover Beautiful Business Collaborations


Collaborations are a gorgeous way to work with the people, brands and businesses that you love and admire, whilst growing your own brand further and offering unique experiences and opportunities to your audience. They can be a fast track to success if done with mindfulness and are a tonne of fun!


Go over your Beautiful Business Materials  


There is no need to keep reinventing the wheel everytime you want to do something new. Be smart about your materials and focus on the key messages and outcomes that your clients want and need from you. There are many exciting ways you can share the valuable information you have without having to start from scratch every time you want to offer something new. 


Examine your Beautiful Business Finances


Keeping on top of your finances is vital for any business. I know it can be scary to look at the numbers but being concious of where your business stands at any given time will empower you to make confident decisions and actually offer you the opportunity to grow. It doesn't have to be complex or brain draining, heck, you may even begin to think that it's fun!


The Beautiful Business Mastermind is... 

A holistic, 360 degree experience that sees you connecting in person, taking part in a safe space online, being nurtured and held accountable with 1:1 sessions and taking to the stage at an event dedicated to YOU to speak about what you most love. 



3 group teleconference calls...

to connect with your fellow masterminders and receive individual hot seat attention


6 individual coaching sessions...

to help keep you accountable and turn those thoughts into action


2 special in-person gatherings...

with meals and workshop materials provided (teleconferenced for those who cannot attend in person in Melbourne)


A beautiful Inspired Women showcase...

specifically put on for you to step up on stage and shine and connect and network with potential clients and contacts


A private Facebook Group...

with full access to Jade for 6 months to share your days, celebrate your successes and gather support


Lifetime access to the Beautiful Business Companion eCourse...

to keep your business foundations in check


Networking, introductions and access...

to my event contacts and suppliers


And not to mention...

thoughtful little gifts and surprises throughout the experience ;)


All in all, this mastermind has a total value of over $13,545! But who has that kind of money when they are just starting their business?
It is my passion to help women who were in the same situation that I was in when I was just starting my business and you are not going to see a $13,000 price tag here.
To make it as affordable as possible for the beautiful coaches, service providers, creatives and entrepreneurs, this mastermind has the following affordable pricing:

Early bird rate available Monday 3rd October – Wednesday 30th November:

$600 + GST per month on a simple, no extra cost direct debit payment plan for six months.


Standard rate available Thursday 1st December – Monday 23rd January:

$800 + GST per month on a simple, no extra cost direct debit payment plan for six months.

Are you ready to play, laugh, learn and love with an intimate group of incredible entrepreneurs in 2017?

The price of the Beautiful Business Mastermind is as low as possible to offer you a mastermind opportunity that will support you and lift you higher.

It will be worth so much more than its dollar value, not just in 2017, but in years to come.

To get the full information PDF and application form, please input your name and email address below.

Make 2017 your year.



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If you are ready to get serious about your business and serious about having a life that feels like a 'pinch me' moment every single day, then it's time to choose your own adventure. Your life is worthy of living how you want - so make it count!