An End of Year Review and First Year Lessons For Newbies

So I’m sitting here in my office, glass of champs in hand and tearing up a little during a solitary end of year celebration. Last year, I decided that creating yearly goals just wasn’t for me and instead I wrote out some secret hopes and desires, wished upon the universe and let them go.

Now having opened them, I am amazed at how every single one manifested in some way and that my year was even brighter than I ever could have imagined. Aaah, the beauty of letting it all unfold. That’s where the magic is.

After this glorious year of experimentation and flow, can I hand on my heart say that it is possible to build a business based on love and intuition, kindness and generosity and some good old fashioned guts? A business that makes your heart swell till it feels like it’s going to burst? A business that is profitable enough to keep your bills paid and generous enough for you to lead a life that feels blessed? Yes.

Were there tears?

Of course.

Did I feel scared at times?

For sure.

Was I ever physically ill from doing too much and not taking care of myself?

Unfortunately yes.

Were there moments of complete and utter doubt that I am good enough?

(God) Yes.

Did that ever outweigh my overwhelming desire to continue on this path?



This journey isn’t for everyone. I don’t advocate working until exhaustion but for me I had to do this fast. It was either make this work or get a job, and even though I’ve always loved so many aspects of being an employee, after years of working with people who have allowed me so much freedom and autonomy, I just couldn’t face being back on the treadmill. With a baby in the mix my time was even more limited and determination was even more fierce.

And so, it is in this reflective mood that I wonder, what advice would I pass on to others who are just starting out? People like me who crave to make a difference in this world. Who believe that business is less about making a transaction and more about creating positive change. People who have an unrelenting desire to gift everything they have of themselves to those who need it.

So here is what I have. My advice from me to you. From one solo business owner who didn’t know what the heck she was really doing when she first started this crazy ride to you, you beautiful soul.



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ROOOAR VIP Dinner - Melbourne

Thank you to everyone who came to the ROOOAR Magazine Christmas dinners and end of year celebrations! I was lucky enough to work with the fabulous Anna and Nicki (Editors of ROOOAR Magazine) to put the Melbourne and Brisbane events together in time for some Christmas fun!

PHOTOS COURTESY OF: Fi Mims Photography
VENUE: Aviary Hotel

Chantilly Rouge Sensuality Boutique - Major Sponsor 
EVENT HEAD Event Management - Event Styling
Fi Mims Photography - Photos

Keep Me Scented Soy Wax Candles
Senna Jean Designs
Oh Deer Sugar
Antipodean Love
The Honest Food Company
Design With Style
Love of Dirt

Brought to you by EVENT HEAD Event Management and ROOOAR Magazine 

ROOOAR VIP Dinner - Brisbane

Thank you to everyone who came to the ROOOAR Magazine Christmas dinners and end of year celebrations! I was lucky enough to work with the fabulous Anna and Nicki (Editors of ROOOAR Magazine) to put these events together in time for some Christmas fun!

PHOTOS COURTESY OF: Prue Franzmann Photography
VENUE: Birdcage Restaurant

Chantilly Rouge Sensuality Boutique - Major Sponsor 
Bespoke Occasions - Event Styling
Alba Roses - Floral arrangements
Prue Franzman Photography - Photos

Keep Me Scented Soy Wax Candles
Senna Jean Designs
Oh Deer Sugar
Antipodean Love
The Honest Food Company
Design With Style
Love of Dirt

Brought to you by EVENT HEAD Event Management and ROOOAR Magazine 

An intimate and magical Melbourne soirée with Gala Darling

Thank you to everyone who came along to Gala Darling's very special sold out Melbourne event and joined in on all of the fun!

Tuesday 2nd December saw 50 women join Gala and MC Julie Parker for an intimate and radical Self Love Ritual at The Cullen Hotel in Prahran for an evening of connection, empowerment and release. Guests were treated to sparkling and wine, kombucha and canapes while Vikkhi from the Muses of Mystery delighted attendees with her mystical tarot card readings. 

THANK YOU to our wonderful team and sponsors:

Organic One Wine for the delicious sparkling and wines, Remedy Kombucha for the very tasty kombucha and Vikkhi from the Muses Of Mystery for her amazing tarot card readings.

Big, big thank you to beauties at The Elemental Agency for their collaboration and support on this event, Fi Mims Photography for the gorgeous photography and to Ruffles & Bells for their styling and prop hire.

And a special thank you to our gorgeous MC and host Julie Parker from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Enjoy the pics and if you want to continue the journey and completely transform how you see the world – and yourself – in six weeks, Gala’s Radical Self Love Bootcamp is perfect for you. The bootcamp launches on January 12th but there is a pre-sale happening right now! Just click HERE and sign up before December 21st to get your special pre-sale price.  


Weekly Round Up - 30th November 2014

Wow what a week! Well two weeks really. It's the busiest time of the year for anyone in events so it's been fun filled, crazy busy and my house is filled with boxes, gift bag goodies and bubble wrap. The promise of a new, fun filled and exciting year is intoxicating, while the sense of achievement for all things great and small in 2014 is warm and comforting. Now it's time to kick the heels up, put the lippy on and CELEBRATE! 


I got to spend one delicious afternoon with three women at Collins Kitchen, talking about all things business and events while doing my favourite thing in the world - eating. Ah, my two loves in one sitting! It was a gorgeous way to spend an afternoon, it's made me excited for those ladies who are all doing such amazing things and it's made me even more excited for my own workshops next year. 


I was super happy that the lovely, talented and super organised Anne Clark from First Step Virtual Assistant interviewed me for her 'All That And More' series. Thank you so much Anne for the gorgeous interview! 


I love the work the girls at ROOOAR do so I was SUPER stoked to be helping them plan their Christmas VIP Dinners coming up this week in Brisbane and Melbourne. With such a fabulous team of sponsors, stylists, photographers and florists I am so excited to see how Brissie turns out and I can wait to get my hands into the Melbourne styling! Issue 5 of ROOOAR is due out next week and this free digital magazine is a little pot of gold for women looking for some entrepreneurial inspiration. Sign up here to get the issue straight into your inbox! 


I had a brilliant night last night with my sister in law Melanie from A Cut Above The Retsy at the Kidspot Voices of 2014 Awards at Sketch Docklands. The evening started off with Terry the talking car talking us up, a glass of champs (cheers!) and some awkward selfies. The night ended with some fabulous new connections, lots of laughs, sore feet and a goodie bag that could be used for weight training. As an events person, I love events like these that are just filled with good people, doing great things and ready to have some bloody good fun. I love the high that comes with a great event and last night definitely left us elated and happy. Well done Kidspot, it was a fabulous evening and congratulations to all of the amazing nominees, finalists and winners - you are all amazing!

Until next week lovelies, happy planning! x

Before You Charge Premium Pricing on Your Event, Think About These 5 Things

I have had multiple conversations over the last month with completely different people, with completely different businesses and completely different audiences but one common theme - having trouble getting people to their premium priced events. 

When a topic keeps coming up for me, then I know it's something that needs to be shared! This is a bit of a tricky one as everyone has different thoughts on it, but after doing events for other businesses, charities AND myself through Event Head (which have sold really well and sold out consistently) over the last decade, I have seen it all. The struggles, the highs, the lows, the intense stress that comes with needing to sell more tickets to break even or the desperation of trying to fill a room.  

This blog post is about helping you avoid being in a position of financial and emotional stress because as a business and events coach, I know that your event needs to fuel your business and your heart in a positive way, otherwise what's the point?

So, before you decide to charge premium pricing on your event, I really need you to think about these 5  things. Take each one into careful consideration and if it strikes a chord with you, then include it in your pre-planning. If it's not applicable, then don't worry. And just to define premium pricing, it totally depends on the type of event you are running. $150 could be considered premium for a 2 hour event depending on your audience, whereas for others $1,000 is premium. If you are unsure where your event sits, have a look at what everyone is charging for a similar event. If you are charging $700 for a one day workshop but others are charging $300 and your levels of experience are the same, then baby you are premium! 

Ok, here we go.

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Articles to Help Plan Your Next Event - Part 2

So, if you've read Part 1 of this little mini series and you're feeling all under control, then it's time to move onto Part 2. For some, this is where the ride can get quite intense so be mindful that yes, events require a lot of effort. Yes, you may feel like it's all uphill. And yes, there may come a point where you are questioning why you are doing this in the first place, but seriously, events are like birth. You do all that grunting and pushing (and sometimes swearing) and then it's here and it amazing and you are SO freaking happy you did it. 

Hang onto your pantaloons and here we go! 


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Articles To Help You Plan Your Next Event - Part 1

Although my blog has the very handy 'Plan Your Own Event' button on the right hand side to give you all the articles to help you plan your next event, I thought it would be good to do a recap of the articles grouped in order from the moment you have your initial idea to the actual event day.

This part (part 1) covers the initial planning and part 2 will cover the rest of the planning, marketing and promotion.

Right, let's get to it!


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Weekly Round Up - 16th November 2014

As we fall head first into the Christmas season it's like every thing speeds up and you can barely catch your breath before the next event. The end of year is a fabulous time for event planners as you get to organise lots of fun parties and start planning clients events for the year ahead. The promise of a new year is always so exciting! Like anything though, you need to stop and enjoy what's happening right now and there's been a lot of fun stuff happening around here lately.


I received a lovely invitation from the amazing Epicure to take an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the MCG on a game day and it was pretty awesome to see the grounds being set up and all the function rooms getting ready for all of the fun later that day.

Ngoc (from The Dessert Parlour) and I discovered so many things we didn't know about the MCG (umm they have a whole sports museum in there! And cafes! And gorgeous event spaces!) and it actually got me really excited. I have attended a few charity functions at the MCG but the rest of the time has been for footy games and lining up for hot chips before the siren blows. 

It's actually a really versatile space that is fabulous for corporate events, fundraisers and even weddings so if you are looking for an iconic Melbourne place to hold your next event then give Epicure a call and check it out! 

My feet on the MCG grass - I haven't been on those grounds since I was a kid after a Geelong game!

My feet on the MCG grass - I haven't been on those grounds since I was a kid after a Geelong game!


I am SO excited to be working with Gala Darling, The Elemental Agency and my gorgeous Julie Parker on Gala's Radical Self Love Ritual event in Melbourne on December 2nd. It was a sell out in just a couple of days and we are going to bring you a night to remember! I can't wait to see all my beautiful Melbourne friends there! xx


I was thrilled to be interviewed by the lovely Katie Smyth back in August about authentic and soulful branding and I really enjoyed being asked questions about that side of my business. She has been generous enough to put all of her gorgeous interviews from this series into one FREE eBook for your enjoyment called Branding in Action. The eBook includes interviews with the likes of Jessica Sepel, Alana Wimmer, Claire Baker and so many more branding buzz-women and gives you a unique look into how these amazing ladies have built brands we know and adore. I am totally flattered to be included and you can get your copy HERE.


Speaking of free stuff, I sent all the peeps on my mailing list a little somethin'somethin' for free too. They all received a checklist of photos to take at their events so they have an album full of shots that they can use for social media posts, future sponsorship proposals, newsletters, marketing and promotion, books and materials and much, much more! I've got lots more free content and helpful things to share so if you are not on the list already, make sure you sign up! Just look to your right on my blog or sign up HERE.

Until next time lovelies! xx


Business in Heels Bayside - Christmas Event

So y'all know I am a sucker for good events right? And a fun night described as a networking evening but is really just an excuse to chat with awesome people and eat off a cheese platter is my absolute favourite! Business in Heels Bayside run by Tarnya Cook is one I try and get to regularly as it's a really nice night out.  And when you are a bit shy like me, it always helps when you know you will know people there!

This last event for the year was a gorgeous Christmas celebration at The Deck in Brighton and it was so nice to see how the group has evolved and grown closer over the last year. It was a very generous evening with a tonne of prizes (but sadly none coming home with me) but I consoled myself with the gorgeous goodie bag instead. It was also very exciting to hear that the first event for 2015 is going to be held at Endota spa. Yeah, you heard me. Networking IN A SPA. Dream. Come. True. 

Thank you for a lovely evening T. I am SO looking forward to the next one!

Fabulous photography by Fi Mims.