How To Make Money From Your Next Event

Oooh this is a juicy topic, right? Well I'm about to dish on how myself and other business professionals make money on their events and workshops so pull your chair in a little closer and let's chat.

First things first. Not all events are money makers. A lot are actually fabulous marketing exercises, opening you and your services up to a whole new audience, positioning you as the expert and leading the way to more opportunity. You will need to decide from the outset what the purpose of your event is and if that includes making money on top of covering your costs.

Once you've determined that, we can move onto how to generate that income. You may have a specific target you want to achieve or you may go in thinking that any extra income would be great. Whatever the case, don't go into this without a comprehensive budget so you can see with absolute clarity where you are spending money and where you are making money. 

Ok now the budgeting lecture is over, here are 5 ways you can make money from your next event or workshop.

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Weekly Round Up - 14th September 2014

The last few weeks have been focused on all the background work of running a business. Tax time [note to self: do finance work weekly - not yearly!], client files, blog and social media content, preparing for upcoming projects and just generally recalibrating for the next quarter. 

I finished up with a few events and business coaching clients which really tugged on the heartstrings as I was just so proud of what they had achieved in our time together (good lord their future is bright!) and received some tear jerking cards and gifts. It was funny getting some letterbox love because this week I had pretty much love bombed Australia with three lots of parcels, cards and gifts for these gorgeous souls and some other lovelies in my life. There must be something in the air - Pisces full moon anyone!? The universe sure was sending the love my way with some new clients coming on board that I am super excited to work with, so this part of my week has been brilliantly uplifting and all round inspiring. Speaking of inspiring....


Oh. My. Gosh. I CANNOT wait for this one! The gorgeous Julie Parker and I put our heads together last month and came up with this insanely exciting mastermind program for women in business who want to freaking SHINE in 2015. As with everything I do, my whole heart goes into it but this program takes it to a whole new level with TEN months of everything I have to offer. My knowledge, my experience, my insider knowledge, my time, my contacts, my answers to your questions, my fanatical cheerleading... pretty much everything from head to heart. Couple that with everything that Julie has to offer as a highly revered and sought after business coach and Founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and well, you have everything you need to help launch you to new heights next year! If you want to learn more about what the program involves, sign up to our VIP mailing list and be the first to get the inside scoop in early October! 


And just in case there wasn't enough generosity going around this week, the fabulous Menulog have kindly offered a $30 voucher to the next three people who sign up for a coaching package with me (NB only ONE left now!). They know how much hard work events can be so they wanted you to treat you or your team to some time out. I seriously use Menulog alllll the time because all I have l to do is go to my Menulog app, put in my postcode, pick a restaurant, choose what we want to eat, confirm the order and then I carry on working/running around after baby/tidying up the house/gabbing on the phone etc and before I know it, there is hot, delicious food on our doorstep that I didn't have to cook. Love it! Check them out today.

Get your takeaway delivered quickly and easily! Go to

Get your takeaway delivered quickly and easily! Go to

Until next week lovely people!


Event Sponsorship - How To Do It The Right Way

When I wrote about how to run a low cost event back in July, one of my suggestions was to seek sponsorship. I get asked about sponsorship weekly and as someone who helped build up a national charity with no office, no budget and only fundraisers to fund our programs, I quickly learnt a thing or two about how to build ongoing and mutually beneficial relationships with sponsors. Since then, I haven't run one event without their help.

Sponsorship, when done the right way, is a great win/win for everybody. Businesses can gain exposure to a new audience through your event without having to fork out wads of cash for a PR company or advertising campaign and you get a wonderful value add to your event. 

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A Little Coaching Celebration

*Warning* I am in one of my super gushy, 'oh my gosh how am I SO lucky to work with my clients' kinda moods. But I can't help it! I seriously get to work with the BEST people and today I want to celebrate that. 

Since I started formally offering events and business coaching just a few short months ago, the universe has dutifully sent some really amazing people my way and I couldn't be prouder of the work they have done and the achievements they have made in our time together.

I have seen multiple sold out events, massive shifts in confidence, amazing partnerships with sponsors, some freaking cool PR, huge groundswells of support for their vision and purpose, many, many tears, even more breakthroughs and a huge development in knowledge and skills. 

There are two things that make my clients really special. The first is that they have a positive and inspiring message to share with the world. Like me, they don't want to just live life, they want to change it for the better. They all have this innate sense of generosity where all they want to do is help others in the best way they know how, and it's so touching that I can help them do that.

The second thing that makes them really special is their ability to take action. I know, sometimes it is reaaalllly hard to do anything when overwhelm kicks in and things look super scary. But they trusted in me and more importantly, trusted in themselves, and they overcame all of their blocks and challenges, refusing to quit. They took action, even when it felt very small. But in events, business and indeed life, it is always the small steps that lead us to the biggest outcomes. 

They are an inspiration to me and I have felt like such a proud mamma bear watching them blossom and grow in so many ways. 

So, thank you my dear clients. For always seeking ways to share knowledge and help others. For always following your dreams, even when it feels really hard. And for choosing me to be a small part of your journey. You are amazing and each of you has such a special place in my heart. xx

The Blogcademy London Mixer

Being in London at the end of July this year and running the Blogcademy's first ever mixer event can be summed up in one word - FUN!

On a perfectly balmy and summery evening, a beautiful, vibrant bunch of bloggers joined Gala Darling, Kat Williams and Shauna Haider for some music, mingling, cocktails, canapes and a personal Q & A.

The Roost was the perfect setting with it's eclectic style and delightfully shabby chic garden. It was so nice to look around and seeing so many happy faces chatting away, laughing and enjoying themselves. 

One thing I really dig about the Blogcademy girls is their openness. They are deeply genuine in their bid to help others and because of that, all of their interactions with people are very authentic and honest. They give a lot of their time to the people who come to their workshops and events and always make a huge effort to help make their attendees feel included. This was especially evident at the mixer where the party was so good we literally had to send people home so we could clean up!

This was a great event to work on and as always, it was a team effort. Thank you to these wonderful sponsors and suppliers:

The Roost for the gorgeous venue  -  Absolute Taste for the amazing canapes  -  Plumb and Rabbitts for the sweet treats  -  Pigs Bladder & Petticoat for the droolworthy cocktails  -  London Velvet for the ale - VitaCoco for the coconut water  -  The Wedding Smashers for the music  -  Fishee Designs for the great photobooth  -  Arnis Purple for the gorgeous tote bags  -  Crown and Glory for the well known ears  -  Cheap Frills for the cute jewels  -  Abigail Warner for the fun cards  -  Berin Made for the Jump For Joy prints  -  Peach Blossom for the honeycomb balls.

Thank you to Eliska from Ruffles and Bells for all of your support and assistance with sourcing some fabulous goody bag items and to my lovely event assistant on the evening Charlotte Bailley. And a big thank you to the amazing Lisa Jane photography for all of these gorgeous pics (you are a very talented photographer)!

If you are a blogger or would like to start blogging then check out the Blogcademy. With a mix of in person workshops and online modules, there is something for all levels and stages. Plus, they are just awesome chicks to be around ;)

Event Budgets. Yes you need one!

Budgeting for some people is really... well... unsexy. But it is SO necessary if you:

- Want to know exactly how much money you have made on your event

- Want to determine if your event is financially viable as an income stream or if it should be used as more of a marketing exercise 

- Want to make positive changes to lead to a better financial outcome

Any event should have maximum impact for every dollar invested so doing the numbers is crucial!

My toolkit features a comprehensive budget that covers income and expenditure by group, but the basic premise of a budget is that you list your expenses and income to get a true picture of your profit or loss. It is something that you keep adding too and track regularly.


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The Connection Documentary World Premiere

Last night, my lovely photographer Kate Di Blasi and I attended the world premiere of The Connection documentary, The Connection reveals that modern science is proving there's a connection between your mind and body when it comes to your health. The film features world leading scientists and doctors, as well as remarkable true stories of people adding mind body medicine to their prescription and recovering from chronic illness. If you have an interest in the mind body connection, this is well worth seeing. Well done Shannon Harvey on a fabulous doco.

Anna Campbell 'Forever Entwined' Bridal Collection and Style Hire Launch

I am definitely a girly girl so when I walked into the Anna Campbell launch last Thursday with my gal pals Eliska from Ruffles and Bells and Sue from Red Temple Events, I almost keeled over with all that prettiness in that one room.

From the decadent desserts by the always amazing Sweet Empire to the gorgeous models wearing the new collection, everything was just perfect. Packed to the rafters, it was definitely the place to be and for very good reason. You just need to look at the photos below to see why Anna Campbell is such a revered name in the bridal industry.

The new ‘Style by Anna Campbell’ wedding style hire service perfectly complements Anna's collections, with stunning pieces that are timeless and elegant. 

Congratulations on a fabulous launch ladies!

Photos credits: Agent 86 Photography

Dresses: Anna Campbell Forever Entwined Collection
Decor: 'Style by Anna Campbell' DIY wedding hire
Makeup: Melonie Santos Makeup Artist
Hair: Anaka
Flowers: Flowers in a Vase
Cake Table: Cherrytree Bakehouse
Dessert Table: Sweet Empire
Stationary: Papyrus Design
Sparkling: Peacock Lane by Samantha Wills
Jewellery: Samantha Wills Bridal

More photos of the evening can be viewed on the Anna Campbell Facebook page.

Weekly Round Up - 31st August 2014

This week was a mix of fun and sickness :/ Poor bubba caught a virus and then the rest of us got sick but luckily I wasn't hit too hard which meant that I could go to the Anna Campbell launch and then stuff my face full of ice cream and fondue at Movenpick with some of the loveliest ladies in the events industry.

Movenpick Doncaster all you can eat fondue. Mmmmmmmmm. Thanks for the group pics Ngoc! With Ngoc Le, Ruwi De Silva, Nell Casey, Saima Hassan, Suganya Davidson, Jade McKenzie, Rose Kuma, Neiyo Sun and Eliska Lam-Chan Siy.

Movenpick Doncaster all you can eat fondue. Mmmmmmmmm. Thanks for the group pics Ngoc! With Ngoc Le, Ruwi De SilvaNell CaseySaima HassanSuganya DavidsonJade McKenzieRose KumaNeiyo Sun and Eliska Lam-Chan Siy.

The weekend had some of the most beautiful weather we have had in aaages so me and bun spent the whole weekend outside, walking and playing. Bliss! 

Hope you all had a great weekend lovelies!

Woo Hoo I am a 2014 Top 100 Australian Mumpreneur!

I was so thrilled / excited / grateful / *insert awesome emotion here* to find out that I am one of the 2014 Top 100 Australian Mumpreneurs as judged by the Ausmumpreneur Award judges. I now have a chance to make it into the top 10 finalists in the Emerging Ausmumpreneur category. Thank you SO much to all of you who nominated me, supported me and cheered me on. 

I am so lucky to be surrounded by truly amazing people who have been there for me every step of the way and it has enabled me to run a business that I love and that I feel serves people in the best possible way I can. Trust me, every single day I am thankful beyond belief that you are here with me.

The Top 10 finalists for the awards will be announced on the 1st September. I am hopeful to be in there (who wouldn't be, right?!) but I know so many of the other mumpreneurs in the top 100 and they are all mind-blowingly awesome, so if I don't get through then I will be crossing all of my fingers and toes in the hopes that they get over the line!

Thank you Ausmumpreneur and the judges for such a lovely commendation! xx

UPDATE: Unfortunately I didn't make it through to the top 10 this time around but thank you all for your very kind nominations! xx