Inspecting a Venue? Don't Forget These!

You have sourced the perfect venue. It's the right price, it's available on your preferred date and it has everything you need. Keep the love affair with your venue going and identify potential issues before the day of your event. 

During the planning stage, take the time to sit down and think about the things that have reaaaallllly annoyed you at other people's events or what you totaaaalllly loved. This will help ensure that these little things don't cause undue stress and a nervous twitch on the day of your event. Trust me, I've had my fair share of twitches over the years....

These are a few of the things I look for when inspecting a venue for the first time


Seriously. They should all be in working order, be clean, be well stocked with toilet paper, have a good amount of paper towel or have a working hand dryer and not smell like a sewer. Because eww.


At a cocktail party you may not care about whether you can hear electrical equipment, passersby outside, high heels on floorboards, road rage or the receptionist, however, at a spoken word event when you want all the focus on your speakers, ANY noise can become irritating and distracting. Don't find out too late! Ask to inspect the venue at the time your event will be held and take your time to sit in the room for a little while to identify anything that may drive you and the guests batty. 


There is nothing worse than rocking up to venue to set up for an event and realising you will need to spend half an hour polishing, buffing and dusting various items. Look at fixed items like curtains, shelving, bar tops and light fixtures and moveable items such as furniture. You seriously don't want that heart attack moment when you have to inspect whether the huge stain on the curtains is old vomit or candlewax 20 minutes before guests arrive (it was candlewax). When inspecting an unfamiliar venue also make sure you also sneak a peak at the glasses and crockery if you can. Old red lippy on the edge of water glasses or dirty plates just don't cut it. Yes, that's happened too.


If your event is top heavy with banners, gift bags, floral arrangements, workbooks, name tags, centrepieces, decor, servingware and other such items, make sure you look at access well in advance. Is there an unloading area out the back or right at the front? Can you drop things off early in storage? Are there two flights of stairs and no elevator? Do you have to walk awkwardly through a busy bar or restaurant with oversized boxes sticking out at weird angles? How tired are you going to be after 4 or 5 trips from the car and will this impact on your setup time? Factor all of this into your bump in time and don't forget to enlist the help of some peeps with serious muscle power. 

Happy planning!

Babies & Business - Another Amazing Day

And once again, I am speechless.

I cannot tell you how much joy it gives me to hold Babies & Business events and be surrounded by so many amazing women and mums who are following their dreams and working damn hard to bring them to fruition.

My heart swelled at our SOLD OUT event on Saturday 12th April when our wonderful MC Julie Parker (Beautiful You Coaching Academy) led the panel discussion with Catherine Cervasio (Aromababy), Danielle Price (Clever Mamma) and Peace Mitchell (Ausmumpreneur), who shared their journeys from motherhood into business. We were also treated to a special wellbeing presentation from Rhiannon Colarossi (The Wellbeing Web) who reminded us that even as a mum with a million other things to do, looking after your own wellbeing is achievable!

It was fantastic hearing the panel speak about everything from how they got started to dealing with different challenges. From setting up boundaries to the secrets of success. From the biggest lessons learned to staying connected as a family.

To have this kind of insight into the lives of successful business owners is such a valuable learning and I am so grateful for our speakers willingness to be so open with everyone. The conversations continued well into the afternoon tea portion of the event. I so, so love this part when the speakers join the attendees and everybody gets to mingle and meet each other. There are so many big, gorgeous smiles and lovely connections being made. All the fabulous energy in the room leaves me on a high for days. 

The official photos are coming from our fabulous event photographer Kate Di Blasi, but in the meantime, here are just some of the social media posts from the day. See if you can spot yours!

Social stream.jpg

I am also super happy to say that we also raised $255 for the Post and Ante Natal Depression Association through our little ol’ raffle – what a generous bunch of ladies! Congratulations to the lucky winners, I am sure you will enjoy your prizes very much and I am totes jealous of your swag.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors of the event, each and every one cares deeply for the wellbeing of families in Australia and I am so proud to have them on board. 

If you are interested in attending a future Babies & Business event or sponsoring it, then please get in touch! x


Weekly Round Up - 11th April 2014

Well it's been another awesome week at Event Head, here are the highlights:


Look out London, we are coming for you! I am over the moon that I will be attending a super special event that I've been planning in the background for a client of mine. It's under wraps for now but all will be revealed soon.

Umm how cool is this gif from ?!

Umm how cool is this gif from ?!


I was thrilled to do this guest post on Clever Mamma about my re-brand and refresh of my services. Change can be scary, but I wanted to show other small business owners that being true to yourself and evolving your business is an amazing thing. 


I was lucky enough to be invited by the MCEC to take a special back of house kitchen tour and afternoon tea. I took my good friend Eliska from Ruffles & Bells along and we enjoyed a tour of the LARGEST kitchen in the southern hemisphere and a tour of the meeting rooms and spaces. Yes, I was in heels. Yes, my feet hurt! That didn't matter though when we walked into the Melbourne Room and had the most delicious afternoon tea waiting with the most perfect view.

One of the favourite parts of my job is venue scoping so it was nice to have this exclusive sneaky peek behind the doors. We were blown away by the work they do and I really loved the passion of the staff for providing award winning food made from the produce of sustainable farmers and producers across Victoria. Brava!


Woo what an incredible feeling! We've spent the day setting up at Cristina Re for this passion project of mine and it's actually given me butterflies in my tummy thinking about the amazing women that will fill the room tomorrow. Can't wait to tell you all about!

Until next week!

Jade xx

Goddess on Purpose

Whew! I've just come off four days work in the divinely lush Novotel Forest Resort in Creswick for the Goddess on Purpose 2014 Gathering and boy did it stir the emotion in me! 

More than just a conference to help attendees find your pleasure, power and prosperity, it helped you refocus on what your absolute purpose is in life and what steps you need to take to follow it. Sometimes at the events I work at, I am afforded little pockets of quiet time where I can focus on the speakers and during these moments I try to soak up as much knowledge as possible. After all, I do work with some of the most inspiring, intelligent and goddamn mind blowingly awesome people on this planet. So the universe was definitely in my corner this time around as I soon found that the event was a total reflection of all the wild thoughts running through my head and with perfect synchronicity it helped me realign and reassess my intentions for the future.

Photos by my ever talented friend and number one photographer Kate Di Blasi

Photos by my ever talented friend and number one photographer Kate Di Blasi

It also made me want to drink a bit of vodka orange as I tried not to so desperately miss my gorgeous little Bun who I'd not spent one night away from, let alone three. Luckily, I was surrounded by some of the most gorgeously friendly people who were full of smiles, hugs and kind words who were always up for a lovely chat and some wicked dance moves. Ooh that cocktail party was a lotta fun!  

I saw a lot of true beauty shine in that room. A lot of life changing moments. A lot of acceptance and love. And best of all, a lot of people finally finding their place in this world. How simply divine.

P.S. Now I am obsessed with hand readings. And strangely, chamomile tea. 

What Events Have Taught Me About Successful Entrepreneurs

After doing events for so long, you really notice what keeps on trending in the live speaking circuit and what grabs people's attention. It's always piqued my interest, wondering why some people are big crowd drawers and how they can sell out tickets in a matter of hours, while others who work just as hard don't even fill a small room. What is the difference? 

While thinking about what all of these people have in common, I started to notice recurring themes at events that I worked at or attended, in magazine articles or online. Then I realised, amazing entrepreneurs/business owners/cool people who rule the world all display the same traits. 

So of course I had to share them with you! These are the things events have taught me about successful entrepreneurs:

Their stories become legend.

You know how they started, why they started and their successes and failures along the way. Their story becomes one of their most important selling points. Hello Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson and Australia's Carolyn Creswell. 

People work with them or buy things from them because they want to be around them, learn from them or be a version of them.

That's literally all it comes down to. If you have people wanting just one of these three things of you then you will do well. If you have all three - well, hold on tight baby coz you're headed into the stratosphere.

The more they look wanted, the more people want them. 

Even if someone doesn't know who a successful person is or what they do, they will always take a second look if they see like-minded peeps are in love with them. If they are already a fan, then everything they like about them is just validated even further when others jump on board the fan-wagon.

When people see the words 'sold out', 'waitlist only' or 'not taking bookings till 2064', then people will do anything to be around them.

They have an unwavering belief that they are providing life changing value to the world.

Truly. They don't think they can change your life, they KNOW they can change your life. Their complete and utter belief in what they can offer is steadfast and unwavering.

This has always been a running theme in business but it always comes back to same old adage, if you don't believe in yourself - who will?

They handle themselves like celebrity.

Some of the richest, most successful people aren't known in common households. They aren't accosted down the street by fans or followed by paparazzi. BUT, they are celebrities in their own right. They have fans and a massive presence in their industry, people go na-nah's over them when they walk into a room and they have been in more selfies than a drunk chick in a nightclub.

They've been around long enough by now to know that reputation is everything, and like a celebrity, they will ensure that people will leave with a positive experience and view of them. They engage with people on a real level and accept invitations to have another picture, sign a book or hear someones life story all with a smile on their face, even when all they want to do is go have a nap. Bless.

They niche it down. 

They help you get that one thing that you want.

That may be more money, better health, happiness, success, peace, wellness or a kick ass product that makes your life a heck of a lot easier but they don't pretend to solve all of your problems. They only solve one, but oh my lord, don't they do it well! 


So, I totally think I've cracked the secret to success! And now I analyse everyone I meet. Alright, I'm off to think of a legendary way to tell my story while looking busy and niching it way down... see you in 2064!

Event Success - An Interview With Danielle Price


I am so excited to present this months Event Success interview with the lovely Danielle Price, founder of Clever Mamma. I first met Danielle when she attended my very first Babies and Business event last year and I am so excited that she is one of our speakers at this years' event

As well as being a Clever Mamma member myself, I've also worked with Danielle on her Clever Mamma Catch-Up's where mums in business get together and connect in a vibrant and fun way.

Hear what Danielle has to say about how events have changed the way her members connect and engage with each other.

How have events changed your business?

After such a successful inaugural event last year, it completely transformed Clever Mamma from what had initially began as an online business to what it is now, a community very much focused on providing practical face-to-face tools, personal connections and collaborations to grow businesses. 

Seeing relationships literally being created before my eyes completely re-affirmed my beliefs that like-minded women are able to connect, support and thrive given the opportunity.

What do you love the most about holding events?

It’s “real”. Connections may have initially formed online but it’s the personal face-to-face conversations that really bring out each person’s unique story and perspective based on their own background and experience. It’s where the magic happens.


How do attendees feel when they leave your events?

Inspired, excited and my personal favourite, they have an increased self-belief. Self-belief is such an integral ingredient to success (both personal and professional) and there is no greater example of this then when we see like-minded women who have travelled or are currently travelling a similar path to our own. “If she is doing it… I can too.” We are all on our own journeys but having the knowledge that we have each other for support unites us all.


What are your top tips for a stress free event?

Use an Event Manager. You can waste so much precious time trying to do things yourself when it’s not your strong point. Focus on what you are good at and leave the experts to do the rest. And if something doesn’t go exactly to schedule just roll with it, you’d be surprised how often it can turn out even better than the original plan.


You can hear more about Danielle's business and her own journey into motherhood and entrepreneurship on April 12 at Babies & Business - Business Building Blocks! Buy your ticket now and get special early bird pricing! 

International Women's Day = A Whole Lotta Fun!

Oh my goodness, Saturday 8th March was too much fun! Being International Women's Day I thanked just a small handful of the women who inspire me, have challenged me or made me a better person. Unfortunately my mum is not on Instagram so she didn't see my post but she definitely comes under the inspirational category - mums rock!


After thanking my ladies I trotted off to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre to catch up with the super lovely and super talented Hannah from Bespoke Occasions for a cool drink in the warm sun. This little lady is FAB-UL-OUSO when it comes to event styling so if you are in Brissie and need some prettiness for your event then definitely check her out.

Me with Renegade Collective Editor, Lisa Messenger

Me with Renegade Collective Editor, Lisa Messenger

After a nice natter in the Boatbuilders Yard, I headed off to catch the last two sessions of The UnconventionRuslan Kogan was freaking great and I loved hearing him talk about his own journey (sigh, is there a better word for journey?!) with Kogan. Too cool.

The total highlight was seeing Lisa Messenger from my favourite entrepreneurial magazine Renegade Collective and hearing her talk about life in the lead up to the magazine and life now that it has taken off and can be found in 23 countries. 23! I'm lucky if one of my blog posts gets seen in my own state!

What an absolute inspiration. You HAVE to get onto this mag if you haven't seen a copy yet.

The rest of the day was spent talking to women who just blow my mind with their creativity, initiative and just all round awesomeness.

I was so pumped from being around such vibrant energy all day that I sang at the top of my lungs the whole way home with a big smile on my face.  

International Women's Day rocked! I hope you got to enjoy yours too!






Babies & Business - Business Building Blocks

HOORAY! I am SO excited about the next instalment of this amazing event! If you are a mum in business then you won't want to miss Babies & Business - Business Building Blocks. Focused on the topic of growing a business while children in the household are very young, it is game changing, heart warming, inspiring and a whole lotta fun! You can purchase tickets HERE.

EARLY BIRD PRIZE: All tickets purchased within the Early Bird period will go into the draw to win a special Mum and Bub photography session with 2 prints (8x10) worth $250. Proudly provided by Kate Di Blasi Photography who did Cerise's beautiful cake smash and first birthday photos.

Get in quick and I can't wait to see you there! xx

2014 - My Year of the Un-Goal

As someone who is completely blessed to part of a business community that is uplifting, inspiring, uber-successful and mind expanding, I get a good old sneaky peek into the way people run their businesses. Naturally a lot of the chatter is around the future and how you can manifest your dream life through goal setting and vision boards. Vision boards and manifesting were a new discovery for me but unknowingly I had always practiced these elements blissfully unaware that they were a 'thing'. 

Last year, I started EVENT HEAD not really knowing what to expect or what was to come. Sure, I wanted it to be successful, but I made a decision early on to go back to my Piscean roots and be free flowing water - open to opportunities and going with the flow. I had years of business building skills behind me, a thirst for new knowledge and a penchant for implementing workable systems so I was happy to rely on my work ethic to get me places.

After having Cerise I learnt super quickly that there is no such thing as being "in control", and setting goals would feel like I was trying regain control of a part of my life that was still so new and unexplored.

Halfway through last year though, I did sit down and I prepared a vision/goal board with pretty pictures and words that inspired me, the money goals that I wanted to achieve, how I was going to get there (complete with sales targets), where in the world we wanted to go and the new car that we so desperately want. But something didn't sit right with me.

As someone who had always been so positive and believing in the universe and my place in it, suddenly looking at that board reminded me of where I wasn't.

It reminded me of how much harder it was getting there as a new mum with no steady income. It reminded me that with only 12 full hours a week to dedicate to my business things were going to take off a lot more slowly than I would like. It reminded me that for a girl who can't even wait in line at Coles without twitching from impatience, this suuuuucks.

So I made a decision. This will be my year of the un-goal. I tried to set them, but it didn't happen. And I realised that I had done amazing things before without goals. Really unexpectedly amazing things. At first I felt stupid that I just couldn't get my head around it but then I remembered that naturally with some foresight and good old hard work, magic happens.

Right now I can't get my head around them so just like last year, I'm gotta get out there and just do. My to do list is as long as ever, but the short term nature of it excites rather than defies me. And now I go back to the mantra that I lived by on the days that I was so overwhelmed with a little bubba and big dreams...

motto remains.jpg

Aah I can breathe again.

With all these lovely, golden dreams swirling around my head though, I thought it would be nice to release them into the wild and be able to reflect on them at the end of the year. So I started a new ritual. I wrote each dream on a little piece of paper, sealed it with a kiss and put it in a glittery diamond to hang in my office. Like a vision board, it is a reminder of what I want to get out of this life and it brims with possibility. But with this ritual there are no in my face reminders of what I don't have (yet), no negative feelings of failure and no overwhelm of how I am going to get there. It's just shiny, sparkly hope - the stuff I love to eat for breakfast.

Last year I could not have predicted 90% of the stuff that came my way and that's what made it so special. Come December, I am going to crack open those little gems with a glass of champs and be completely joyous about the adventures I have gone on.

I hope that you will be there celebrating with me. Maybe this year is a year of un-goals for you too? 

Event Etiquette - 4 Rules Great Guests Rock

Ahhh we love great guests don't we?! Fortunately, every event is blessed to have these gorgeous guys and gals help the host breathe a sigh of relief and make that smile a little wider.

Over the years I've noticed the greatest guests always follow these four rules:

1. They arrive on time
We panic when guests are early and feel deflated when everyone is running late so it's no wonder we get excited when someone rocks up on time! Great guests or GG's as they shall now be known, have an in built sensor so they know when to arrive. Either that or they own a watch.

2. They enjoy what's there but they don't overdo it
By overdo it I mean single-handedly drink the carefully considered bar tab and eat three days worth of canapés. GG's are a considerate lot, enjoying what's on offer but not so much so that others miss out.


3. They enjoy the company
GG's are a friendly bunch, always meeting new people and making an effort to say hello to anyone near them. This can be a huge relief for others who may be too shy to introduce themselves to someone new or for people who think, 'do they even remember me?'. The best GG's are like mini hosts, connecting people who they know will be a good match and putting people at ease.

4. They thank hosts before leaving
Hosts always appreciate a thank you and a goodbye, no matter how brief, when guests are leaving. GG's will always seek their host out to let them know what a good job they did and what a great time they had. Aren't they sweet?


I'm always grateful for my GG's and love that they make an effort at my parties and events. They are four very simple rules but they can make all the difference. To all the GG's out there - you rock!