Three good reasons why you need help at your next event

We all kinda feel like we can do everything ourselves right? At home it’s the cleaning, the shopping and the child wrangling. In your business it’s your core client work, the administration, the graphic design and bookkeeping. And when things get busy and the you-know-what hits the good old proverbial fan, my god don’t you feel streeeeetched. 

The same goes for events. It can be completely do-able to organize and run everything yourself, but if one thing falls out of place, you can guarantee the rest will follow suit and you will end up one stressed little chook.

Even if my clients are running a super straightforward event for a small group of 15 people, I always recommend they have someone to help them. It can be a friend, your sister or your husband. It doesn't matter who it is as long as they aren't in an old pair of trakkie daks and they have your back.

And to be honest, this isn't just about you. It’s about who are in the room with you and what they deserve as an attendee. So here are three good reasons why you need help at your next event.



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Today I Said Screw It

Today I said screw it. And I loved it.

To say 2015 started off with a bang is an understatement. Fuelled with the excitement of my thoughts becoming actual things, literally every single day I was able to write down three things that I had already achieved/completed/been invited to do or be a part of. Like a horse out of the starting gate, the energy was unbelievable.

This week was all about meeting deadlines, preparing content, writing, writing, writing, attending to clients and then more writing. Man writing is full on isn’t it? Even when you have the ideas, just the act of getting 1,000 words down takes a lot of brain power. Yesterday my head was swirling with deadlines and I found myself in that familiar pattern of wigging out because there is a lot to do but I wasn’t actually being productive and I was going around in circles. I did a lot of procrastin-eating and singing along to Triple M. I read a lot of articles off facebook. And I spent a lot of time chastising myself for not being super productive 100% of the time. 

Then I remembered that I am human. And a mama. 


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What to do when you are too scared to hold your first event

Yes, it happens. A lot! I see so many amazing women who want to hold their first event but find it too confronting to put themselves out there. No matter how far along you are in your business, there are going to be times where you have a burning desire to do something but you haven’t started because of:

a)    Fear
b)    Overwhelm
c)    Comparisonitis 
d)    All of the above. Boo!

And if you find that you aren’t breaking through and it’s actually holding you back, it can be frustrating with a capital F. 

So what can you do when the brick wall in front of you doesn’t look like it’s coming down anytime soon? Pick up the hammer and swing girl! Here are a few ways you can build yourself up to holding your very first (and amazingly fabulous) event!

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Gabby Bernstein 'Miracles Now' Australian Tour - Melbourne

After an incredible week with so many amazing plans happening behind the scenes, it was the icing on the cake to work with the wonderful Gabby Bernstein thanks to the beautiful Earth Events girls.

As I sat there and listened to Gabby, I nodded my head sagely. Oh yes, I thought. I know this. Be a good person. Do your inner work. Lead by example.

But knowing it isn’t the same as doing it. And the very next day I did something stupid and her words echoed in my head. Choose Again.

Woah. Is that easy? Actually yes it is.

Choose Again.

This was a timely reminder for me that even when you know the kind of person you want to be and what you aspire to be like in business and in life, it will always be a work in progress. And that's ok. If you stuff up, acknowledge your mistake and choose again.

That's the beauty of teachers like Gabby. They can reframe the most complicated of scenarios into two short but powerful words that can center you in an instant and help you go from knowing to doing.

So what do you choose today? xx

Event Head Intensives - 4 Classes To Get You Out Of Overwhelm and Into Action

Oooh I am SO excited about this! On February 21 and 22, I will be hosting 4 classes to help you spring into action so you can hold your own beautiful, gorgeous, life affirming and just super FUN events! 

I have specifically made these for business owners and entrepreneurs who are thirsty for knowledge on how to run an event successfully and in turn, use their events strategically to compliment the rest of their business offerings and not only gain recognition in their industry, but also build up a supportive community.

This is perfect for coaches, health and wellness experts, yoga/pilates/meditation teachers, writers, service providers and anyone who is looking to dip their toes in workshops and events this year.

Packed full of info, I have crammed over a whole decades worth of learnings and experiences (good and bad!) into two days and will lay it all out on the table and give you the heads up on what you need to do and when. The four classes are:

Event Planning 101: Creating Thriving Events for Your Business
Event Sponsorship 101: Creating Fulfilling Relationships with Sponsors
Event Promotion 101: Promoting and Selling Your Event
Event Management 101: Getting the Most Out of Your Event  

Your class will leave you feeling loved up and ready to take on the world with:

A light and delicious morning or afternoon tea

30 minutes connection and introduction time with a divine guided meditation to get us all focused 

2 hours practical advice, insider knowledge and my very best tips - I am JAM packing this baby with only the best!

30 minutes open Q&A time - throw ‘em at me, I love it!  

Practical worksheets and templates for you to use over and over again

AND some gorgeous goodies that will leave you pampered and inspired

As an additional bonus, all attendees will receive a copy of The Ultimate Event Toolkit, worth $35. My popular e-book features FIVE key templates, covers your event planning needs from top to toe. With your timelines set out, to-do’s readily listed and questions already asked for you there is no room for overwhelm here, just pure planning pleasure! As a completely editable PDF, you can save a copy for every event you ever do!

PLUS, everyone who books in for two or more classes gets a generous discount to make it even more affordable. 

Sound good to you? Come and join these intimate classes and get all the knowledge you need to make 2015 your year to SHINE! For more information and to book in, just click HERExx



An End of Year Review and First Year Lessons For Newbies

So I’m sitting here in my office, glass of champs in hand and tearing up a little during a solitary end of year celebration. Last year, I decided that creating yearly goals just wasn’t for me and instead I wrote out some secret hopes and desires, wished upon the universe and let them go.

Now having opened them, I am amazed at how every single one manifested in some way and that my year was even brighter than I ever could have imagined. Aaah, the beauty of letting it all unfold. That’s where the magic is.

After this glorious year of experimentation and flow, can I hand on my heart say that it is possible to build a business based on love and intuition, kindness and generosity and some good old fashioned guts? A business that makes your heart swell till it feels like it’s going to burst? A business that is profitable enough to keep your bills paid and generous enough for you to lead a life that feels blessed? Yes.

Were there tears?

Of course.

Did I feel scared at times?

For sure.

Was I ever physically ill from doing too much and not taking care of myself?

Unfortunately yes.

Were there moments of complete and utter doubt that I am good enough?

(God) Yes.

Did that ever outweigh my overwhelming desire to continue on this path?



This journey isn’t for everyone. I don’t advocate working until exhaustion but for me I had to do this fast. It was either make this work or get a job, and even though I’ve always loved so many aspects of being an employee, after years of working with people who have allowed me so much freedom and autonomy, I just couldn’t face being back on the treadmill. With a baby in the mix my time was even more limited and determination was even more fierce.

And so, it is in this reflective mood that I wonder, what advice would I pass on to others who are just starting out? People like me who crave to make a difference in this world. Who believe that business is less about making a transaction and more about creating positive change. People who have an unrelenting desire to gift everything they have of themselves to those who need it.

So here is what I have. My advice from me to you. From one solo business owner who didn’t know what the heck she was really doing when she first started this crazy ride to you, you beautiful soul.



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ROOOAR VIP Dinner - Melbourne

Thank you to everyone who came to the ROOOAR Magazine Christmas dinners and end of year celebrations! I was lucky enough to work with the fabulous Anna and Nicki (Editors of ROOOAR Magazine) to put the Melbourne and Brisbane events together in time for some Christmas fun!

PHOTOS COURTESY OF: Fi Mims Photography
VENUE: Aviary Hotel

Chantilly Rouge Sensuality Boutique - Major Sponsor 
EVENT HEAD Event Management - Event Styling
Fi Mims Photography - Photos

Keep Me Scented Soy Wax Candles
Senna Jean Designs
Oh Deer Sugar
Antipodean Love
The Honest Food Company
Design With Style
Love of Dirt

Brought to you by EVENT HEAD Event Management and ROOOAR Magazine 

ROOOAR VIP Dinner - Brisbane

Thank you to everyone who came to the ROOOAR Magazine Christmas dinners and end of year celebrations! I was lucky enough to work with the fabulous Anna and Nicki (Editors of ROOOAR Magazine) to put these events together in time for some Christmas fun!

PHOTOS COURTESY OF: Prue Franzmann Photography
VENUE: Birdcage Restaurant

Chantilly Rouge Sensuality Boutique - Major Sponsor 
Bespoke Occasions - Event Styling
Alba Roses - Floral arrangements
Prue Franzman Photography - Photos

Keep Me Scented Soy Wax Candles
Senna Jean Designs
Oh Deer Sugar
Antipodean Love
The Honest Food Company
Design With Style
Love of Dirt

Brought to you by EVENT HEAD Event Management and ROOOAR Magazine 

An intimate and magical Melbourne soirée with Gala Darling

Thank you to everyone who came along to Gala Darling's very special sold out Melbourne event and joined in on all of the fun!

Tuesday 2nd December saw 50 women join Gala and MC Julie Parker for an intimate and radical Self Love Ritual at The Cullen Hotel in Prahran for an evening of connection, empowerment and release. Guests were treated to sparkling and wine, kombucha and canapes while Vikkhi from the Muses of Mystery delighted attendees with her mystical tarot card readings. 

THANK YOU to our wonderful team and sponsors:

Organic One Wine for the delicious sparkling and wines, Remedy Kombucha for the very tasty kombucha and Vikkhi from the Muses Of Mystery for her amazing tarot card readings.

Big, big thank you to beauties at The Elemental Agency for their collaboration and support on this event, Fi Mims Photography for the gorgeous photography and to Ruffles & Bells for their styling and prop hire.

And a special thank you to our gorgeous MC and host Julie Parker from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Enjoy the pics and if you want to continue the journey and completely transform how you see the world – and yourself – in six weeks, Gala’s Radical Self Love Bootcamp is perfect for you. The bootcamp launches on January 12th but there is a pre-sale happening right now! Just click HERE and sign up before December 21st to get your special pre-sale price.