Anna Campbell 'Forever Entwined' Bridal Collection and Style Hire Launch

I am definitely a girly girl so when I walked into the Anna Campbell launch last Thursday with my gal pals Eliska from Ruffles and Bells and Sue from Red Temple Events, I almost keeled over with all that prettiness in that one room.

From the decadent desserts by the always amazing Sweet Empire to the gorgeous models wearing the new collection, everything was just perfect. Packed to the rafters, it was definitely the place to be and for very good reason. You just need to look at the photos below to see why Anna Campbell is such a revered name in the bridal industry.

The new ‘Style by Anna Campbell’ wedding style hire service perfectly complements Anna's collections, with stunning pieces that are timeless and elegant. 

Congratulations on a fabulous launch ladies!

Photos credits: Agent 86 Photography

Dresses: Anna Campbell Forever Entwined Collection
Decor: 'Style by Anna Campbell' DIY wedding hire
Makeup: Melonie Santos Makeup Artist
Hair: Anaka
Flowers: Flowers in a Vase
Cake Table: Cherrytree Bakehouse
Dessert Table: Sweet Empire
Stationary: Papyrus Design
Sparkling: Peacock Lane by Samantha Wills
Jewellery: Samantha Wills Bridal

More photos of the evening can be viewed on the Anna Campbell Facebook page.

Weekly Round Up - 31st August 2014

This week was a mix of fun and sickness :/ Poor bubba caught a virus and then the rest of us got sick but luckily I wasn't hit too hard which meant that I could go to the Anna Campbell launch and then stuff my face full of ice cream and fondue at Movenpick with some of the loveliest ladies in the events industry.

Movenpick Doncaster all you can eat fondue. Mmmmmmmmm. Thanks for the group pics Ngoc! With Ngoc Le, Ruwi De Silva, Nell Casey, Saima Hassan, Suganya Davidson, Jade McKenzie, Rose Kuma, Neiyo Sun and Eliska Lam-Chan Siy.

Movenpick Doncaster all you can eat fondue. Mmmmmmmmm. Thanks for the group pics Ngoc! With Ngoc Le, Ruwi De SilvaNell CaseySaima HassanSuganya DavidsonJade McKenzieRose KumaNeiyo Sun and Eliska Lam-Chan Siy.

The weekend had some of the most beautiful weather we have had in aaages so me and bun spent the whole weekend outside, walking and playing. Bliss! 

Hope you all had a great weekend lovelies!

Woo Hoo I am a 2014 Top 100 Australian Mumpreneur!

I was so thrilled / excited / grateful / *insert awesome emotion here* to find out that I am one of the 2014 Top 100 Australian Mumpreneurs as judged by the Ausmumpreneur Award judges. I now have a chance to make it into the top 10 finalists in the Emerging Ausmumpreneur category. Thank you SO much to all of you who nominated me, supported me and cheered me on. 

I am so lucky to be surrounded by truly amazing people who have been there for me every step of the way and it has enabled me to run a business that I love and that I feel serves people in the best possible way I can. Trust me, every single day I am thankful beyond belief that you are here with me.

The Top 10 finalists for the awards will be announced on the 1st September. I am hopeful to be in there (who wouldn't be, right?!) but I know so many of the other mumpreneurs in the top 100 and they are all mind-blowingly awesome, so if I don't get through then I will be crossing all of my fingers and toes in the hopes that they get over the line!

Thank you Ausmumpreneur and the judges for such a lovely commendation! xx

UPDATE: Unfortunately I didn't make it through to the top 10 this time around but thank you all for your very kind nominations! xx

Event Success - An Interview With Sonya Lovell

What can I say? I loved working with this lady! 

Determined, action taking and dedicated, Sonya Lovell woman is trail blazing her way into womens hearts and helping them live their best possible lives. 

I am excited that this months Event Success interview focuses on the fabulous experience events give to those attending and she is a gorgeous example of how events can serve people in so many ways - they don't have to be just cut and dry in the way they give people information.

Hear what Sonya has to say about the value that events provide.

How have events changed your business?

Introducing live events to my business was the BEST thing I have ever done! There is an amazing energy generated at an event and this energy allows you to create an unforgettable experience for your community.  You are able to capture people’s senses, their imaginations and their heart.  And it is these magical moments that stay with them long after the event.  It was the beautiful Maya Angelou that said “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Holding an event allows you to provide an experience that makes your clients feel special, significant and connected.  And I have found that this has built loyalty, trust and a strong sense of belonging to my business.

What do you love the most about holding events?

Everything!!  But my greatest thrill comes from allowing myself to pause, stand back and take everything in on the day.  Observing new friendships spark, eavesdropping on the laughter, chatter and joy all while soaking in the vibrant, positive and abundant energy.  There really is nothing better than that moment of witnessing connection.  Community and connection are so important.

Photo Credits: Lauren Emily Photography

Photo Credits: Lauren Emily Photography

How do attendees feel when they leave your events?

From what they’ve told me they feel empowered, inspired, educated and wanting more!  My hope is that they leave connected, empowered, inspired, motivated and informed. 
I’m a bit of a closet perfectionist so I spend a lot of time creating a warm, gorgeous and safe environment that allows my attendees to open up to the full experience on offer at the event.

What are your top tips for a stress free event?

It’s all about your team.  Starting with an awesome Event Manager like Jade to your support team leading up to and on the day. Be clear with your communication and ideas, delegate everything that you can and assign each team member specific tasks on the day.  Appoint a team leader who is everyone’s first point of contact on the day to allow you time to focus on your guests.  And finally, surrender and trust that you can host an amazing experience without having to succumb to stress and pushing too hard.


You can keep up to date with all of Sonya's news and upcoming events including her Live Your Best Life workshops here

Weekly Round Up - 24th August 2014

It's a short one from me this week! It's been crazy and hectic here with a lot of exciting stuff going on in the background but I did manage to get out to two things this week.


To celebrate Eventbrite landing in Melbourne and setting up a home here, they threw a welcome party on Thursday complete with spiked slushies, popcorn, fairy floss, an artist, and a very flexible girl with a couple of hula hoops. 

It was a lovely night catching up with some gorgeous friends and acquaintances while stuffing our faces with some delicious mexican food. 

Welcome to Melbourne!


Aw bless. I remember turning 21. Thinking about it makes me feel old but I had lots of fun preparing for Dylan's 21st on Saturday. Held in Mount Morton Camp and Conference centre, they had the best of both worlds - a hall to party in and cabins to pass out in afterwards! 

The hessian covered tables were decorated with camp fire centrepieces, some lovely blooms picked by Dylan's lovely sister Stacey and the roof was covered in festoon lights, some sparkling barramundi and one giant crocodile.

The Darwin/outback/Aussie theme was a lot of fun and the little touches like the GIANT blown up picture of the guest of honor as a cute kid, the canvas print guest book that Stacey designed and the road signs featuring cute animals really tied everything together.

Lucky for me, Stacey is a fabulous graphic designer so it was a nice collaboration.

Happy birthday Dylan! 


Kind Kinfolk Event Wrap Up

$2,923.30. That's how much we raised! WOO HOO!

I am completely stoked with that amount (I really wasn't expecting that much) and so very grateful to all involved in this sold out event. 

The aim of Kind Kinfolk was to create a special kind of networking event, that in all honesty, was less about networking in traditional terms and more about connecting with people who share the same heart and generous spirit in business.

Melbourne is a remarkable city, buzzing with a vibrant community of business owners with big hearts and after meeting so many incredible people with a passion for making a difference in this world, I wanted to bring them all together for one special evening.

I had planned this to be Melbourne's friendliest networking event for small business owners and solopreneurs that was in aid of an inspirational social enterprise and it was all that and more. It absolutely warmed my heart to see everybody chatting away to each other, catching up with old friends, making new friends, swapping stories, laughing out loud and making the room buzz with energy.

Photo credit: Kate Di Blasi Photography

Photo credit: Kate Di Blasi Photography

The whole event came about so organically and quite quickly (one minute I was in the cafe for the very first time - next minute the invites were out and we were busily planning away) but Kinfolk really struck a chord with me and I wanted to support the great work they do. Kinfolk is a café with a slightly different take on daily affairs. It is a social business that not only serves delectable coffee and culinary delights but also redistributes profits between four development projects, each with its own unique and significant purpose.

Photo credit: Kate Di Blasi Photography

Photo credit: Kate Di Blasi Photography

With a simple coffee bean vote, customers participate in re-directing profits among four projects which address a range of social issues in Australia and abroad.

AMAZING right?!

They are not splashed all over the news. They are not in your face about what they do. They aren't the latest trend. They are hard working, generous and beautiful souls who try to make the world a better place one day at a time. And goddamn I believe in them. 

100's of volunteers contribute more the 6,000 hours each year for the running of the café and through community support, they have been able to distribute over $100,000 to their project partners. And after managing a charity myself that relied so much on volunteer assistance and community fundraising, I knew just how much this could mean for those on the receiving end.

Photo credit: Kate Di Blasi Photography

Photo credit: Kate Di Blasi Photography

So, here are the big thank you's to the people who made it possible.

THANK YOU to everyone who bought a ticket and who came along.

THANK YOU to Kinfolk for just letting me do my thing.

THANK YOU to our major sponsors: Eliska from Ruffles & Bells for her always gorgeous styling  -  James from Green Press for his delicious juice and bliss balls  -  Amy from Wunderplant for her beautiful floral arrangements and that amazing wattle arch  -  Ngoc from The Dessert Parlour for all of the drool worthy sweet treats  -  And Ruwi from Type Styled for all of her talented graphic design skills  -  And Eventbrite for their wonderful support of the event.

THANK YOU to the raffle and silent auction contributors: My wonderful family and events photographer Kate Di Blasi  -  the generous Simone Perele (a girls gotta have good underwear)  -  The Messenger Group for books that keep on giving  -  Wunderplant for the wonderful foral arrangements  -  The Stamp Collective for that beeeautiful lovebird vintage stamp print (thank you for coming all the way from Sydney Liska!)  -  The beautiful Araya for the Surface Skincare organic hand lotion  -  The incredible wealth of health knowledge that is Julie Dargan for the Jason Vale Fusion Juicer  -  The ray of sunshine Ramona for the Branding Headshots package and book  -  The delightfully talented Jaquelyn Muller for the ‘I Love You 5 Lollipops’ book and limited edition print  - The always supportive Exchange Hotel for the $100 voucher  -  The wonderful Katrina for the KV Makeup Artistry makeover package  -  My dear Ruwi for the lovely Type Styled voucher and framed typography print  -  And Miss Kate Di Blasi again for the wonderful children’s photoshoot.

THANK YOU to our take home goodies sponsors: Thank you to Collective Magazine for their wonderful magazine (it’s the only magazine I read now)  -  G Adventures for the inspirational book Looptail  -  Simone Perele for the lovely vouchers  -  The gorgeous Julie from Dargan Vitality for those amazing Juice in a Bar veggie boosts  -  And Eventbrite for the very generous $100 credit to go towards your next event.

It was a wonderfully casual and easy going evening, but even those take a multitude of hands and hearts to make it happen so I am very grateful to you all. 

I am planning to do a few smaller get togethers in the future so if you are keen to keep the connection going or if you didn't make it to Kind Kinfolk but you'd like to come along to something similar, just drop me an email, I would love to hear from you.

For the individual pictures from the evening, you can view the full gallery on my facebook page. Feel free to tag yourself!

Jade xxx

How To Overcome Common Event Planning Fears

Yes people TOTALLY have fears when it comes to planning events. Some people know exactly what they are before they even begin planning, while others don't realise what their fears are until the planning process has started and all of the sudden they feel like they have slammed into a brick wall.

Trust me, there is always some level of anxiety or fear around events. Even my most successful clients still worry about certain things in the lead up and on the day. Don't let this turn you off though, just like anything in business, if you want it to happen then you are going to need to figure out a way to overcome it.

Below are some common fears that come up around events and some ways to overcome them.

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Weekly Round Up - 17th August 2014

Oh my gosh, what a week! It was busy, busy, busy with lots of coaching (god I LOVE my gorgeous clients - talk about kick ass) and Kind Kinfolk on Wednesday. Let's get into it.


What a night. Being in a room full of such inspiring, action taking and amazingly positive people was definitely a highlight of the year for me. A full wrap up with the official photos and sponsor thank you's is coming soon but I am so, so pleased to announce that we raised over $2,900 for Kinfolk through the ticket sales, raffle and silent auction. Oh my gosh! THANK YOU to everyone who came, supported, promoted and was involved with the event, it wouldn't have happened without you xxx


I am so lucky in my life to be surrounded by people who are kind hearted, generous, warm and amazing at what they do. Helen Reizer is one of these people who has a heart of gold and is an amazing PR professional to so many around Australia.

The birthday celebrations for her and her business on Saturday were at the totally glam Aria Bar and Events in Docklands and guests were treated to an open bar, live music, singing speeches and a fun photobooth - love it! 

Happy birthday Helen! xx

How To Get The Most Out of Events & Build Relationships

The best part of events is the face to face time you have with like-minded peeps who are all there for a common purpose. You are all in the same room, at the same time, with the same opportunities but when there is awesome content on offer, it can be easy to forget that one of the most brilliant things you can do for yourself is to connect with the people who are there. 

Whether you are the organiser of the event, the helper, the guest speaker or the attendee, here are some ways that you can get the most out of events and build relationships with the people who are there.

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5 Different Types of Events for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Are you filled to the brim with passion for what you do? Do you have an engaged following of people who totally dig your advice?  Do you have a message to share with the world in a new and inspiring way?

Well then darling, it’s time to take things up a notch. It’s time to step out from behind the screen and step into your spotlight! 

Events are a versatile way to get in front of your audience and connect with them on a deeper level. As much as the online world provides us with a great platform to share knowledge and build community, there is nothing more fulfilling than bringing that community together in person and engaging with them on a truly human level.

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