Weekly Round Up - 30th July 2014

We are home!! After travelling thousands and thousands of miles to Italy, Paris, London, Edinburgh then back to London, we are finally back in our own beds feeling pretty amazed at what we managed to achieve with a toddler! :)

Last week the focus was on The Blogcademy's first ever mixer event, something I have been working on with the headmistresses for a little while now. It was an AMAZING night and there will be a separate post on it soon but here are some sneaky pics for you.

Look out for the full wrap up including all the amazing sponsors soon!

Weekly Round Up - 16th July 2014

Geez these are getting later and later. This week I have three hotels to show you from our travels up from Italy and Paris to the UK. I love seeing how events are run in other countries. Even though the processes are quite standard, it's quite interesting to see the subtle changes in the rooms, services and offerings.


Holy moly, me oh my, what a spectacular sight! This is THE room to have your event in if you are in Paris. I honestly do not have to write any words... these pictures do the talking.

Perfect for corporate events, launches, celebrations or weddings, I absolutely LOVE the Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower and it is definitely one of my most favourite hotels in the world right now. It is definitely my first choice for Paris - that view of the Eiffel Tower is unbeatable, the rooms are divine and the service is impeccable. Swoon.

They do have other meeting rooms available for smaller events that are just as gorgeous. Ask them about their Business Playground - it's just too cool.


In London we stayed at the Novotel London Blackfriars, a great business hotel not far from Waterloo (cue Abba). The service here is impeccable and as with any other Novotel hotel that I've been too, everything is just easy. Gotta love that. 

They have great facilities for all types of meetings and events here and what I really loved was... wait for it... the Smart Board! Yeah I know, that's completely dorky but they don't have these in the meeting rooms I've seen in Oz and they are just too cool. I want one in my office! Can every meeting room in the world have one of these pleeeaseee. 


We are staying at another Novotel in Scotland in Edinburgh Park, just a short tram ride away from the city and opposite a KFC and a Krispy Kreme. Uh oh and yum. As you would expect, this hotel has great facilities for all types of meetings, conferences and events. Whatever you need, they've got it covered.

And that's it for this week! I've got another hotel to show you when we get back to London and then we are going home, sweet, home!

How To Run A Low Cost Event

Do you want to run an event but find you freak out every time you think of the costs involved? Don't despair - it is possible to run events on a low budget. Even on NO budget. I've done it before both in my charity work and in my current events with my clients. Don't let money be the excuse to hold you back!


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Weekly Round Up - 8th July 2014

Late, late, late again! But like last time I have the best excuse ever - EUROPE!

We are now in Paris after the most spectacular and beautiful wedding in the rolling hills of Tuscany and I cannot bear to tear myself away from this city. Florence and Tuscany were beautiful, I loved roaming the cobblestone streets, looking at all the beautiful architecture, artwork and sculptures and I especially enjoyed the countryside. But Paris. Oh Paris. It's taken my breath away and stolen my heart. I don't want to leave!

Here are some pics of the beautiful wedding (congratulations to Anita and Luke) and the start of Paris. We're heading off to London tomorrow and I finally get to go on the Eurostar woo hoo!

Weekly Round Up - 2nd July 2014

This weekly round up is a bit late and for a good reason - we are in Italy! We've spent HOURS walking around in the summer sun and just as many hours stuffing our faces with pretty much everything (I swear everything on my body jiggles now). Literally the only things we have eaten here are carbs, meat and cheese. Even though it has been delicious I have never craved a green juice so much in my life! 

We've seen things I've only ever read about, like Michelangelo's David, the Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio and Hard Rock Cafe ha ha. I've had the pleasure of skyping my coaching clients from one of the prettiest places on earth and typing my emails from a place that I could stay in forever, but I'm not going to lie. Travelling with a toddler, trying to work on the road and spending time with family and keeping up with the itinerary is a juggle. I'm really looking forward to Paris so I can sit down for 5 minutes! It has been an amazing experience so far though, definitely mind expanding and eye opening so I am very grateful for this opportunity. 

Here are some pics from our adventures so far and the next time I will speak to you will be from Paris!


Weekly Round Up - 22nd June 2014

Obviously my creativity was in flow this week with the creation of my Build Your Own series of editable PDF's and worksheets for my beautiful coaching clients, my new and FREE 8 Weeks to Event Success Checklist and all the preparations for one of the cutest birthday party's I have ever been involved with. Let's hope this creative streak keeps going!


This week has been all about preparing for this sweet Marie Antoinette themed first birthday party with my gorgeous styling pal Eliska from Ruffles and Bells. A gorgeous palette of pastel pinks with hints of gold, baby blue and white turned a beautiful home into a decadent feast for the eyes. 

The party setup took about 5 hours in total with 5 different areas to transform and I think we still could have kept going! I didn't have time to take my own pics but we set up a birthday wish station, the main dessert table, two areas on the deck including a drinks and food station and a marquee. 

This party was a wonderful collaboration with the always amazing Eliska (seriously - she is freaking amazing), Studio Cake providing the mouth watering goodies and Type Styled providing some of the best quality printables I have ever seen. And check out that uh-maze-ing cake with the hand crafted roses. The mum made that. STUNNING!

Ok, now I'm off to pack for our big Euro trip on Tuesday. Wish me luck!! 

An Entrepreneurs Secret Weapon - renegade COLLECTIVE

In every business owners life there are times where you just feel... well... deflated. Overwhelmed. Tired. And then there are times when you feel ecstatic. Inspired. Overjoyed. And every cell in your body is ready to explode into action (I freaking love those moments!).

Whatever part of the rollercoaster you are on, I truly believe in having an arsenal of weapons to rely on in these times. Mine include other entrepreneurial spirits to talk to when the sh*t hits the fan and when there's a reason to pop champagne. A set of meditations to help me get my flow back. A cute cafe that makes the best damn chai latte in the world. A husband who always bear hugs me when I need it and a bubba who is full of big, sloppy kisses. And my monthly copy of renegade COLLECTIVE

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Ausmumpreneur Awards 2014

Aww I've felt so, so loved the last few days as emails hit my inbox notifying me that I had been nominated for the AusMumpreneur Awards 2014. THANK YOU to the lovelies who were so kind, you have really made my insides all warm and squishy. I've submitted my nomination answers and everything is crossed!

Obviously I am a huge supporter of mums in business, so as soon as the awards were announced I made it my mission to nominate the amazing mama's I know and I really hope that you can take a minute out of your day to do the same.

If you know a mum in business who is working hard and doing wonderful things, please nominate her today. It will mean the world to her, knowing that someone out there thinks she is doing a fabulous job xx 

Weekly Round Up - 15th June 2014

Ooh this week has been busy, working on another couple of events, planning our Euro trip and taking the weekend off (mostly) to take my little one to the park, cover the house in stickers and use up a good amount of my cardboard on abstract art.

I stayed mostly in a hermit state this week, only venturing outside if me and bub were going out, and spent the rest of the time skyping or emailing coaching clients and working away on some materials to give you for free.

I had a light bulb moment during the week and an idea for a Build Your Own series for my coaching clients quickly went from a thought bubble to reality so now all coaching clients get a comprehensive worksheet for every main document you need to run an event. My BYO will help you make your own sponsorship proposals, speaker overviews, social media schedule and more. I'm pretty much putting myself out of the job by giving you everything you need on a platter plus my guidance and wholehearted support.

Plus I am almost ready to give all my new mailing list subscribers my 8 Weeks to Event Success Checklist, helping you keep on track in the lead up to your event. Hooray! I wonder what I'll come up with this week ;)

Happy typing!