Articles To Help You Plan Your Next Event - Part 1

Although my blog has the very handy 'Plan Your Own Event' button on the right hand side to give you all the articles to help you plan your next event, I thought it would be good to do a recap of the articles grouped in order from the moment you have your initial idea to the actual event day.

This part (part 1) covers the initial planning and part 2 will cover the rest of the planning, marketing and promotion.

Right, let's get to it!


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Weekly Round Up - 16th November 2014

As we fall head first into the Christmas season it's like every thing speeds up and you can barely catch your breath before the next event. The end of year is a fabulous time for event planners as you get to organise lots of fun parties and start planning clients events for the year ahead. The promise of a new year is always so exciting! Like anything though, you need to stop and enjoy what's happening right now and there's been a lot of fun stuff happening around here lately.


I received a lovely invitation from the amazing Epicure to take an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the MCG on a game day and it was pretty awesome to see the grounds being set up and all the function rooms getting ready for all of the fun later that day.

Ngoc (from The Dessert Parlour) and I discovered so many things we didn't know about the MCG (umm they have a whole sports museum in there! And cafes! And gorgeous event spaces!) and it actually got me really excited. I have attended a few charity functions at the MCG but the rest of the time has been for footy games and lining up for hot chips before the siren blows. 

It's actually a really versatile space that is fabulous for corporate events, fundraisers and even weddings so if you are looking for an iconic Melbourne place to hold your next event then give Epicure a call and check it out! 

My feet on the MCG grass - I haven't been on those grounds since I was a kid after a Geelong game!

My feet on the MCG grass - I haven't been on those grounds since I was a kid after a Geelong game!


I am SO excited to be working with Gala Darling, The Elemental Agency and my gorgeous Julie Parker on Gala's Radical Self Love Ritual event in Melbourne on December 2nd. It was a sell out in just a couple of days and we are going to bring you a night to remember! I can't wait to see all my beautiful Melbourne friends there! xx


I was thrilled to be interviewed by the lovely Katie Smyth back in August about authentic and soulful branding and I really enjoyed being asked questions about that side of my business. She has been generous enough to put all of her gorgeous interviews from this series into one FREE eBook for your enjoyment called Branding in Action. The eBook includes interviews with the likes of Jessica Sepel, Alana Wimmer, Claire Baker and so many more branding buzz-women and gives you a unique look into how these amazing ladies have built brands we know and adore. I am totally flattered to be included and you can get your copy HERE.


Speaking of free stuff, I sent all the peeps on my mailing list a little somethin'somethin' for free too. They all received a checklist of photos to take at their events so they have an album full of shots that they can use for social media posts, future sponsorship proposals, newsletters, marketing and promotion, books and materials and much, much more! I've got lots more free content and helpful things to share so if you are not on the list already, make sure you sign up! Just look to your right on my blog or sign up HERE.

Until next time lovelies! xx


Business in Heels Bayside - Christmas Event

So y'all know I am a sucker for good events right? And a fun night described as a networking evening but is really just an excuse to chat with awesome people and eat off a cheese platter is my absolute favourite! Business in Heels Bayside run by Tarnya Cook is one I try and get to regularly as it's a really nice night out.  And when you are a bit shy like me, it always helps when you know you will know people there!

This last event for the year was a gorgeous Christmas celebration at The Deck in Brighton and it was so nice to see how the group has evolved and grown closer over the last year. It was a very generous evening with a tonne of prizes (but sadly none coming home with me) but I consoled myself with the gorgeous goodie bag instead. It was also very exciting to hear that the first event for 2015 is going to be held at Endota spa. Yeah, you heard me. Networking IN A SPA. Dream. Come. True. 

Thank you for a lovely evening T. I am SO looking forward to the next one!

Fabulous photography by Fi Mims.

Why It's Important To Target Your Marketing

Oooh this one is a goodie. Do you want to run events that are fulfilling, uplifting, heart warming and helpful to people? Do you want to run events that have zero complaints and no unhappy attendees? Then you need to practice targeted marketing.

Quite simply, targeted marketing means all of your promotional efforts will be focused on the people you know you can help and want to help rather than just doing general promotion all over the shop to no-one in particular. If you are running a niche workshop or event , targeted marketing is reaaally important because it helps do a number of things:

- It reduces the amount you have to promote significantly and helps sell a higher number of tickets 

- It attracts the exact people you want in that room

- It allows you to serve your audience in a really focused way

- It gives attendees the opportunity to network and connect with like minded people

- It reduces unhappiness and complaints and increases positive feedback

- It cuts down on perceived competition by separating you out from the rest

You can practice targeted marketing through actions such as:


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When To Start Selling Tickets

I get this question a lot. And my answer? It depends (yeah I know, not very helpful!).

My rule of thumb is:

For small and intimate gatherings with up to 25 people, 8 weeks can suffice if you have an audience who are keen to work with you. 

For workshops, seminars or anything with up to 100 people in the room and priced under $150 is about 12 weeks. 

For events where you want more than 100 people in attendance or premium events with a higher ticketing cost, I would start promotion even up to 5 months in advance. This doesn't mean you have to sell tickets that early on, but it does mean warming people up to the idea through Save the Date's, teasers and newsletter or social media mentions. 

Here are a few things to consider when thinking about when to open ticket sales:


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EVENT HEAD High Tea Session at The Grand Hyatt


Do you have event questions that you need answered? 

Do you want to know the next steps you should be taking?

Do you have event ideas that you want to sound out with an expert?

And all in a casual and relaxed environment?

Yes? The Event Head High Tea Session is for you!

Get all of your event questions answered over a glamorous high tea at Collins Kitchen in the Grand Hyatt hotel. This luxurious affair at the renowned Collins Kitchen will delight you with an incredible offering of pastries, cakes and sweets as well as savoury delights and T2 tea and tisanes. We’ll even have a cheeky glass of champagne to toast to your success!

This intimate event for just three people will help you brainstorm, get insider knowledge and take action steps towards your dream event.

Come and join me on Saturday 22nd November from 12pm – 3.00pm at the Grand Hyatt and get your event ideas sorted for 2015.

Only $90 per person PLUS receive a bonus copy of my Ultimate Event Toolkit worth $35. You can see more info HERE or book your ticket below. 

Jade xx

Free Ways to Promote Your Event (And Sell Out!)

Your marketing and promotion for an event doesn't have to cost a bomb. In fact, I have had multiple sold out events without paying a cent for advertising or PR. That's not to say that they aren't valuable (in fact, for some events they are an absolute necessity) but I mention that to make a point that for your average business owner doing a small workshop or event, you only need some insider knowledge and a good relationship with your community.

So, without further ado, here are five ways you can promote your event for free and sell out:

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Weekly Round Up - 2nd November 2014

It's been a fabulous week here at Event Head with lots of fun catch ups, new connections made, new ideas on ways to help my clients and realising that in one fortnight, I saved 5 of my virtual event assistant clients over $4,000 in event costs. I LOVE delivering value and it was really nice to realise that I can help in a multitude of ways.


Speaking of help, if you are looking for a venue for your next workshop, mastermind or special event then you can shoot right over HERE and find your perfect match. When you are in my blog, just click on the 'Find A Venue For Your Event' on the right. I am adding new function rooms to it regularly so keep coming back for new ideas.


I am still on a mission to give away as many copies of my Ultimate Event Toolkit: Charity Edition as I can. It was only going to be for the last two weeks of October, but I have had such a fabulous response that I am going to keep the offer open until the 30th November so I can help as many organisations as I can.

If you know of a not for profit organisation, social enterprise or community group that runs awareness and fundraising events, then please tell them to go HERE for a free copy of a toolkit made just for them!


I am still dreaming of the deliciousness that was the Movenpick catch up I organised for the Victorian B-Schoolers. We certainly indulged with a gorgeous sorbet welcome drink, endless luxury ice-cream tasting and one AMAZING chocolate fondue with an assortment of fresh waffles, pancakes, fruit and fudge. I can't wait to come back!


The closing date for applications to Julie Parker and my Beautiful Business Mastermind is Wednesday 12th November 2014. If you want to make 2015 your best year yet, getting guidance from two heart-centered and uber encouraging coaches and surrounded by the most gorgeously supportive women in business in Australia, then pop on over HERE.

And, if you are thinking about joining the Beautiful You Coaching Academy next year, I am offering a kick ass bonus for those who sign up through me. I'm talking about a free 3 month coaching package, my Ultimate Event Toolkit and Build Your Own Series of templates and documents and some very loud cheerleading on my behalf. Check it out HERE.

Until next week lovelies! x

Beautiful You Coaching Academy - An Offer For You

Did you know I am a certified life coach? Yeah, all those intense D&M's we've been having in cafes lately make sense now huh?! ;) But seriously, it was a proud day when I graduated from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy with my certificate in hand because I knew that it was going to change the way I do business forever. From the course, I gained the complimentary knowledge, skills and tools to take my event coaching to the next level and provide a holistic experience that is fulfilling in all areas of my clients lives.

If you have run events before, you will know just how SUPER emotional it can get, especially when those doubts and fears start creeping in and it is my job to help you gently (or not so gently - whatever you prefer!) remove those blocks and move forward with conviction. My life coaching training plays a big part in that whole-hearted support because I wanted to make sure that you get a complete experience where you can move forward confidently in the years to come. Lord knows I love a spreadsheet and a timeline but baby, we've gotta go deeper than that! 

The fabulous thing about this course is that even if you don't want to only offer life coaching, this course is an option for you too. If you are running a service based business like mine that helps others in another way (think marketing, blogging, health etc), then this course is a great way to boost your skills and add an extra element to your existing coaching.  

Knowing that the Beautiful You Coaching Academy attracts the most gorgeous souls on this planet who are intent on bringing so much love and joy to peoples lives, I have always felt such a strong sense of loyalty to Julie, Glenn, the team and the students. So, as a proud graduate, supporter and affiliate for this course, I have decided to offer a big, beautiful bonus for anyone who wants to sign up through me.



You will receive a full 6 session coaching series with me (1 hour sessions fortnightly for 12 weeks), focusing on either making events become a thriving part of your business OR focusing on your business strategy and development for the year ahead. I am a fierce cheerleader for your success and what better way to get your coaching business out there than with some strategic work around your goals for the year!


As a certified BYCA coach, 6 sessions with me will go towards your own certification pathway.


You will also receive a copy of my 46 page Ultimate Event Toolkit and Build Your Own series of templates to help keep your events and business on track.


If you want to sign up to the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and want to access my bonuses, sign up HERE. And don't forget, you must sign up through my link in order to claim your bonuses. Make sure mine is the last link you click or you may miss out!

Jade xx 



FRAU Jewellery Launch at Lucky Penny

The gorgeous Helen Reizer of HRPR always spoils me with lovely invitations to such fun events around Melbourne. After a few weeks hiatus, I got back out into the circuit with the FRAU Jewellery Launch at the Lucky Penny on Chapel Street on Tuesday night.

With a photography exhibition from Jackson Thomas from The Voice 2014 and 10% of the sale proceeds going to the Cancer Council, it was a fabulous way to celebrate stylist Kate Bollard's exciting new line.

The Lucky Penny was pumping with a room full of gorgeous guests enjoying drinks and nibbles whilst listening to Hugo Bladel play some sweet tunes in the background. A bevvy of Australian reality TV stars filled the room including The Blocks' Maxine and Karsten, X Factors Alice Bottomly and Jason Heerah and Coxy’s Big Break presenter Lee Chan adding to the excitement of the evening.

All in all it was a fabulous launch - congratulations ladies!

All images courtesy of Anthony Licuria from APL Photography.